network marketing systemHaving a Network Marketing System is like mothers milk to a child.

If you want your business to grow past just you and your small team, you better have a fool proof system in place, that anyone can use and learn from, or your business will stagnate, your team will become frustrated and you will be forever running around with no time and no money, wondering why you ever got into this business.

Having a system brings freedom to you the leader, instead of spending hours on the phone or in meetings training everyone, all you have to become is the conductor, instructing people where to go to find the info they need.

Your network marketing system builds trust and confidence in you, your team and your prospects.

I have enrolled people more times than I can remember because they were able to see our system and training. They could see that there was a place they could go whenever they wanted to get what they needed.

The system allows the new recruit to become their own person, their own leader and take personal responsibility for their own success.

There is a trap though for those drivers out there who want to reinvent the wheel.

I have seen it more times than I can count. Network Marketers getting started in business, they generate a little bit of success and so the decide I am going to go and develop my own system rather than work in with the current leader and make it better.

This brings confusion to the team and breeds an attitude of “Well I guess I need to do my own thing and spend all of my time reinventing the wheel, instead of building my business.”

I know sometimes it is frustrating working with something that someone else has developed, and it can seem like you are beating your head up against a brick wall, however you need to understand something. If that person is making more money than you and has a bigger business than you, then more than likely they know some stuff that you don’t know.

So build a relationship with the main leader, get some major results and then go to the leader, share your results and ask how you can become part of the developing of the system.

Most major leaders look forward to working with their team, I know I do.

What if you don’t have a network marketing system?


Find a team that does and plug in.

Develop your own.

Get started again with another business that has one.

I know that some of this can sound quite full on, especially the suggestion about finding another team or business, it is because I have built this business without a system for too many years, then I built one, it works and it has given me my time back and also given a resource to our team that they can use 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

I have heard Dani Johnson say many times, “The problem with success, is a little bit…” she means in this quote that many people get a little bit of success and think they know it all and it is time to go and train everyone or leave the system that has been working for them all this time. Don’t do this. Keep doing the stuff that works and it will pay you major rewards.

God Bless

James Hannan



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