Duplication and the network marketing industry…what an interesting thing.

network marketing duplicationOver the last few years I have had one of the most eye opening experiences. I have noticed more and more that this industry has changed and continues to become a real powerhouse in business opportunities.

At one time we were all told that duplication is the number one thing you need in your network marketing business, and I would agree with about 95% of it.

I do believe that a majority of what you do to build your business needs to be stuff that anyone can do. The thing is, why CAN’T everyone do what you do?

I mean let’s face it. The reason you can do what you can do is because you have developed the skills and knowledge to do what you can do…

So if your team spent the time, effort, energy and money learning those exact same skills then they would be able to build their business the exact same way you do.

So what should be duplicatable?
Well I believe EVERYTHING is duplicatable if a person wants to do what I just said, however we both know they won’t. People are looking for the so called “Easy way”, so let’s look at what the priorities should be in your network marketing business when it comes to duplication:

  1. Writing a list. Yes you still need a list and your warm market is always and will always be your best and least expensive  list you will ever have. The thing is there are many ways to build your list today including marketing on facebook (which I love).
  2. Meetings. You are still going to need to present your business and product. So catching up with people never changes and you will always have better success if you can get in front of people rather than online. Obviously you can use webinars (which I love) but they are not as good as one on one. Make sure you have a standard presentation that your team is using. The reason for this is removes confusion and  everyone knows what to say and when to say it. The only reason people want to change a presentation is because they become board with it, the thing is, your prospects have never seen it before, so they are not!!!
  3. Marketing Material. I have always loved using CD’s, website links and brochures for marketing. They work and have helped us build a very large business.
  4. Scripts. Have scripts that have been tried tested and proven to work.

We have spent thousands of hours putting together our network marketing training system and have hundreds of hours of training to make sure that our team is able to get results.

So let’s answer that question again about whether everything needs to be duplicatable or not…

I don’t believe it is possible for everything to be duplicatable because we are all different and we all bring our own little gifts, skills and abilities to the business that other people don’t possess, and if you havea  strength in an area and you can get results from using that strength, why shouldn’t you use it.

I would much rather see you use your strength or God given ability to build your business then you allow it to lay dormant because some out dated thinking told you you shouldn’t.

Just make sure you have a system that allows your people/team to be trained on the basics that I have outlined above. The other stuff like using a blog, internet marketing, etc etc etc you can do and if others in your team want to play in the same sand pit as you, allow them to, just make sure they know that they are going to go through a learning curve.













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