Self confidence is the foundation of success, but how do you build your self confidence? If you don’t have confidence in yourself, how can you have confidence in anything or anyone else? It is your foundation and it will overflow and impact your relationships, your businesses, your job, your future and your health.

Self confidence is that magic aura that successful people have or people that know where they are going, even if they are wrong. It’s true, you can be confident and be wrong, but that’s enough of that subject; let’s stick to believing and knowing you are good. You know some good stuff and it’s now time for you to build your self confidence so that you can crush your goals and live the life you want.

A good way to understand this is if you are a man, go and ask a lady: do they want their man to be confident or double minded and unsure? You and I both know the answer. From what women have told me (comment below your thoughts on this, ladies) they want their man to be confident and strong. And as a man, women are much more attractive when they are confident in their femininity. Meaning they embrace their feminine side and be who they were  created to be with confidence.

So let’s face it, confidence plays a role in everything. Do you think a soldier wants to follow a leader who doesn’t know where they are going or what they are doing? What about a sports team, will they follow a captain who is afraid and unsure? Of course not. So why would a team follow a leader in network marketing who isn’t confident?

OK so we have laid the foundation now that you need confidence, and not confidence in someone else, but self confidence. How do you build it.

Last night I was doing a call with one of my leaders, he is a great man and a man of incredible potential. He was talking to me about a little bit of fear he has and it all came down to his confidence. It all came down to him not being sure of what it is he has to do. So we got talking about his normal job. He is a brick layer and served a 4 year apprenticeship. I asked him “When you were serving your apprenticeship how did you become better at your job?” He said “I practiced, I listened to what the master builder told me to do and then I put it into action. I also went to tafe and worked hard.”

That’s the answer right there, do you think after doing his job now for almost 20 years that he would know how to lay bricks? Of course he does, he is one of the best. Do you think he is confident in it and would be able to do it almost in his sleep? Yes he would and is. One of the easiest ways for you to build your confidence is to practice practice and practice some more. Then apply what you have been practising in the real world.

Applying it in the real world allows you to see the weak points and then make adjustments. If you always stay in practice mode, you won’t become the professional you need to be.


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