Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (kick yourself in the head)

For some of us, the best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to stand behind a horse bend over and then have someone slap the horse on the rear end and allow it to kick them in the head. Yes I know that is a bit dramatic but let me tell you, some people think that is the only way they will ever change the way they thing, but its not.

I want you to know something before we go too much further. The bible says (yes I am going there because it holds truth and we need some here today) that we “renew our minds through the washing of the word”. This means we must understand what Jesus thinks of us and how to understand His words for us. When you realise that His words that He speaks over you and thinks towards you are ALL GOOD you will do better.

This is a journey and sometimes you can change your beliefs in a moment and others you need to do what the bible says and keep thinking about the good things that God has for you and what He says about you. He even says that we must think about “whatever is pure, just and holy. What ever is of good report, think on these things”. How wonderful.

This has helped me more than you will know and I am learning more and more each day how powerful the word of God is to helping all of us overcome our limiting beliefs.

Lets look at how to overcome limiting beliefs in Network Marketing.

1. Pinpoint the limiting belief.
Think about the last time you didn’t do what you know you had to do or did something you shouldn’t have. Was it to call someone, send a message, attend an event, read a book, listen to an audio, do some exercise? What ever it was, think about it. Or was it that you went on a weekend away instead of working your business, went to the movies, watched TV, read a magazine instead of personal development book.

Next ask “What did I do that”, then ask the question “why” or “what is my belief that underlines that belief?” again and again each time you get an answer.

Now consider what concerns or frightens you and so limits you. What are you afraid of and then why are you afraid of it? What lead you to believe and develop those fears?

2. Where did the limiting belief come from?
Let’s go after the source. Was it your parents who put their fears on you, a teacher who kept telling you you would be no good, was it an experience you saw and then you put yourself in that experience and said “that could have been me” or “that happened to my friend, relative or loved one, so it will happen to me”. Many people do this, they make the story up in their own mind that an experience that someone else has had will become their own experience. This isn’t true.

3. Realise it’s no longer true for you.
This is the next step to overcoming the limiting beliefs for you in your life and in your business.
While at one point, those beliefs may have helped you, today they don’t. They may have even kept you alive in different situations, it’s important that you see, that if you have moved out of those situations now, that they no longer are needed in your current environment.

Writing down those beliefs and then putting a line through them may ever help you and burning them. Even flushing them down the toilet may help  😉 .

4. Now we create better beliefs.
As I said above, for me the way I am creating better beliefs is by looking at all the incredible things that God says about me and my future. I read my bible every day and have people around me that can help me understand more and more the love of God. Some get confused with the bible and think God is a God of vengeance, and while that is something He does do, it is one aspect of who He is. That is a last resort, think about a loving daddy with his children, if someone hurt his children, how would a loving dad respond but what about if someone treated his children with love and respect and did nice things for them and for him, how would he respond?

While this is a very simple explanation, please know that Gods first thoughts towards you are GOOD and full of LOVE because He made you.

So based on that understanding, we can create beliefs that are more positive.

5. Begin training.
One of the ways to do this is through is through developing skills and practicing those skills. Many peoples limiting beliefs come from not spending the time to develop the skills they need to win. Make sure you watch the video on this page, I give a good explanation on this.

Through developing your skills and building up your abilities you develop a confidence that then brings confidence in the outcome.

6. Now put it to work
Go to work using what you have been changing. Use your new skills and start seeing success. You may have to start small, but you must start. Then as you start getting success, keep a journal and re read your journal to build up a new belief system. You will need to remind yourself of the good things you have done and things you have accomplished.

Again the Bible says (yes I am using it again) “I remember the days of old” talking about all the good things that happened and that were accomplished.

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Watch this video.

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