How Much Personal Development Should You Do

So many times I have seen new associates get started in business with us who have never done any type of personal development. They haven’t even read a book or listened to a CD and when you ask if they have attended a personal development seminar, they have this blank look on their face as if to say “What is a personal development seminar?”

This creates a lot of opportunities for the leader to grow patience and a lot of growth for the new business owners to learn that the number one most important thing they could be doing is to build themselves with personal development so that when the “Dark Day Comes” that you are ready and able to keep going.

When I say Dark Day, I am talking about those days we have (and you will definitely have them) that cause you to want to quit, give up and run away or even join another company, that you would be able to stand and continue.

You see is it these days that we have that we grow the most. We get to see what is good inside of us and we also get to see what is not good, well actually what is down right bad.

The importance of you spending time in personal development, understanding that you, your thoughts and your emotions, are going to play a major role on whether you breakthrough, or whether you quit, so you might as well start building yourself up now, so that you will have a foundation to fight on.

Think about an old time Warrior, dressed in battle gear, a sword and a shield. What type of ground would he like to fight on, would he prefer to fight on the solid ground or on slush? Of course he would prefer to fight on the ground that gives him the greatest advantage, which is solid ground.

What about a builder building your dream home. Would you want him to build your home on sand that moves and gets blown away, or on a solid foundation? Of course a sure foundation…

This is the same for your business. You need to build your business, which is linked to your dreams on a solid foundation and this foundation comes from what you are putting into your mind and also your spirit with personal development.

What we allow ourselves to be immersed in alters our thoughts. Our thoughts become our words, ours words become our actions, and our actions give us our outcomes.

So what are you immersing yourself in?

Are you immersing yourself in good things with your personal development? Things to connect you with what God wants for you. Or do you immerse your personal development in negative, soul sapping things that steal your energy and your dreams?

Many people get caught up in no personal development at all but immerse themselves in TV, magazines and unhealthy thoughts, activity and actions.

The successful leaders take it upon themselves to know that their success will come from how well they handle themselves and prepare themselves. The bible says: “He who can be trusted with a little will be given a lot”. I don’t know about you, but I want to show that I can be trusted with a little so that my God can entrust me with a lot.

I would think that this would answer your question about how much personal development you should do… A LOT!!!

But don’t just do any personal development program, talk to your upline (support line) about them first. I get very concerned when I hear of people doing personal development programs that have not been checked out first or even suggesting them to their teams without first going themselves. These programs can cause devastation to a business if you go to the wrong ones. This does not mean to not do them, what it means to be wise.

So where do you start with your personal development?

Read a book that will build you up, at least 15 minutes per day

Listen to at least 15 minutes per day to a personal development CD

Attend all the meetings your team and company run. These will help you with your belief. Sometimes though, you maybe “unequally yoked” and if you are, then you need to leave. The bible says don’t be unequally yoked and you will never see the true success you are destined for if you are.

Also attend the personal development seminars that are recommended by your leaders. One of the ones I love were started by Brian Klemmer

I did a little video up for my team, it is only short, but I thought I would share it with you as well.

It was to encourage them to continue on their personal development journey.

Commented yet? Go know you want to :)

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