What are limiting beliefs and how are they affecting you and your network marketing business.

I was in a meeting recently and as I listened to the people in the room it hit me so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I felt sick and wanted to leave but couldn’t. I felt like I was forced to stay in this room with a bunch of people, supposedly leaders who didn’t understand the power of limiting beliefs and how their own limiting beliefs were being cast out on to not only their teams but other peoples teams and organisations who were associated with them.

They talked about how their teams didn’t know certain things and so everything had to be dumbed down. They were talking about their leaders as if they were children who needed to be hand fed and their bottoms washed. They believed instead of giving their teams something to aim for and work towards, that they should receive it all for free. They didn’t realise that people rise to our expectations and also the expectations they place on themselves. They were saying that while yes it is ok for them as leaders to work hard and learn new things, they didn’t believe their teams and smaller leaders would.

Talk about hamstringing their teams and everyone around them.

Imagine that, imagine having the thought that no one will work as hard as you on their own business. Meaning that, while yes you work hard to build your business, you don’t believe others will want to work as hard as you on building theirs. It’s an arrogant thought and a thought that is so limiting and childish.

You see people want to work hard, you know this and so do I. You know that nothing worth having comes without a trial or a challenge. It doesn’t come without putting in the effort and learning the skills. So if you know this and these other leaders knew this, why would any of us ever think that others wouldn’t be prepared to put in the hours and struggles that we do?

Limiting Beliefs could very well be the thing that is holding you back, causing you to stumble and not opening you and your teams up to a whole new world of success.

It starts with you, it starts with whether you are prepared to believe first in yourself and then second in those around you. Look at them through eyes of potential rather than eye of contempt.

I have been very blessed to have some of the best people and leaders a person could ever ask and dream of having with in their team. Leaders that have become influencers. When I look at them I see greatness, I see potential and I see a person who will achieve their dreams.

I am very much aware of my own limiting beliefs and I am pushing myself to get them out of my life because I know they steal vision, hope and joy. They also steal success!

How do you know if you have a limiting belief?

It’s not that hard, anytime you are thinking negative, setting a low ball goal, looking at someone and doubting them or doubting yourself. You more than likely have a limiting belief. But the easiest way to know is you will just know. You KNOW that you KNOW when you are doubting yourself and your team.
You KNOW that you KNOW when you are not giving 100%
You KNOW that you KNOW when you don’t want to go the extra mile.

You see all of these things are a symptom of a limiting belief. Because you doubt yourself or your team you don’t put in the extra. You may WANT something, but you will also want something else. That something else maybe to stay comfortable or keep the friends you have and not grow. But that is a subject for another time.

Start to believe more in yourself and also in your team. Allow them to grow more develop more and become more. You thinking small about them and about what they will do doesn’t help them.

You maybe saying to yourself “I don’t know how to speak to people” and so because you believe that about yourself, you believe that about everyone, however this just isn’t true.

You maybe thinking “I didn’t have the money to get started” and so because you see that about yourself you believe that about everyone, again, this isn’t true.

You maybe believing you don’t have much time and so things are a struggle for you, while this may have been partly true for you, it is not always true for everyone else.

Ask yourself this question, what are the biggest objections you receive? I can almost guarantee that those objections are YOUR OWN OBJECTIONS… they are the ones you struggle with yourself and because you struggle with them, you receive them.

So how do you overcome these limiting beliefs?
We will talk about that tomorrow or click this link.

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