Brian KlemmerMy unedited opinion of Brian Klemmer, his programs and what he brings to Network Marketing.

When I first heard about Brian Klemmer and Klemmer and Associates. I thought, here we go, another person with nothing of value to bring who just wants to make a heap of money and leave people no different than before they attended one of his programs.

I did not believe in what he was peddling even though I had never read one of his books, listened to any of his CDs or attended any of his workshops.

Too me, the type of personal development that Brian Klemmer brought was hocus pocus, a waste of time and money…

We live in Coffs Harbour and heard that Klemmer and Associates were holding a weekend workshop on the Gold Coast and decided to attend because our team was…(isn’t that the truth, so many times the leader does things because the team has already woken up to what is needed).

To say that we had our eyes open would be an understatement. Over the next 3 years, both Kasey and myself have attended all of his programs and our lives have changed. We are even planning to send our daughter to “teen camp” next year because of the value we believe it will bring to her and her future.

It does not matter what industry you are in, Brian Klemmer’s programs will help you, your family and your team, to work through the junk and move on.

Does everyone move on though?

No. Unfortunately too many people stay stuck in their mess even after all the things they learn. The big thing is though, after Brian’s work you realise what it is you need to work on and have a path to follow.

If you have attended one of the Klemmer & Assoc. programs why don’t you share your experience below…










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    6 replies to "Brain Klemmer And Network Marketing"

    • Will Kings

      Con-man at his best. You must get so much hate mail.

    • James

      Hi Will
      you know what, that has not been my experience of Brian. His teachings have helped me and my family accomplish many things and I have even had the privilege of having him over for dinner at my place. He has been nothing more than an encouragement to me and my friends.

      It is shame you have had this experience. I do know that Brian would love to hear from you though, he is very open to feedback and willing to what is needed to change, if it is him that needs to change.
      Be well Will and I hope things work out for you

    • Greg

      The most amazing work I have ever done on myself, Brian’s work has taken the way that I looked at myself,
      cleaned it up and gave it back to me so I could truly see who I was, and I didn’t like what I saw. So I found that I could change myself or continue being angry… And it was my choice. Every person that truly wants to find out what is driving them should spend the time to look further into what Brian’s company has to offer.

    • James

      Hi Greg
      so true my friend, Brian helped and continues to help so many people, including me. It is a true legacy when you leave this planet and your work continues and people still are being blessed by it

    • April Gibson

      Hi James:

      I can’t say enough positive about how Brian Klemmer’s company changed my life. People pay tons of money for THINGS and for me it was worth every penny for my Klemmer journey. I have nothing tangible to show for it, no car, no jewelry, but the intangibles are PRICELESS. I am more confident, more focused, more fearless, and my life is on the road to spectacular. The strides I’ve made would NEVER have been possible had Brian Klemmer not had the vision to show me the way. I’ve staffed Teen Camp and I would recommend that every parent find the resources to send their children. It was phenomenal to see these kids transform in one short week. I have four beloved grandchildren and I will personally fund their journeys. It is THAT POWERFUL and I believe in it that much.
      If you choose to take this work on, your life will be richer, your purpose clearer, and your journey amazing.
      RIP Brian Klemmer.

    • James

      thank you for those kind words April

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