what is a mastermindHave you ever thought to yourself: ‘What is a mastermind?”

I know I had no idea until about 18 months ago thanks to Klemmer & Assoc. I attended a personal development/results program where our entire focus was to obtain some pretty big short term goals.

The program was called “Samurai Camp” (Sam Camp for short). We worked individually but were supported by small groups of 6 – 8 people. It was a life changing experience and I will write more about it in future posts. Today I want to take you through ‘Masterminding”.

Part of the Sam Camp experience was to form a master mind within a small group. This was to help everyone stay focused even after the program was complete.

Everyone came from different walks of life and had different strengths that they brought to the group, however we all had one thing in common…We believed that the other person could achieve what it was they wanted to achieve…

This was the foundation of the group…BELIEF!!!

Most times in life we don’t have other people who are prepared to stand by us. People are prepared to believe with you that anything is possible and if you are prepared to take a stand you can achieve anything.

Sure you need to work…however it is believing for your mastermind group member, that what they want will come to pass.

Masterminding is not about working more, it is about believing that what we have asked for is going to happen…it is not a goal…it is a request. I believe a request to God which the others agree upon.

So let me give you the basics around this…please understand that to get masterminding correct, you really should attend a course like Sam Camp with Klemmer & Associates.

  1. Be clear what it is you want from life. Double mindedness DOES NOT WORK in this or any part of your life.
  2. Be with a group of like minded people…not people with excuses but people who have made a decision to move forward with life.
  3. Make sure the people are committed to you and their own success.
  4. Meet every single week via webinar or conference call.
  5. Share 3 REQUESTS (you are saying each what you want and the others are agreeing with you…they have the right to challenge you on it, so be prepared for some interesting conversation.)
  6. It is not just about ability or activity. It is about FAITH – “Things hoped for that are not yet seen”…
  7. Expect your requests to happen…remember the more you want and believe the faster it comes to pass (although there are MANY times you have to learn some stuff first)

Sure there is a lot more we could talk about on the topic of Masterminding…and the more I learn the more I will share with you…

I do want to leave you with this one thought though, it is amazing what can happen when you work together with a group of people who are prepared to work with you and believe that you can achieve what is in your heart.

I believe those desires have been given to you by God (the good ones anyway) and that if you are prepared to work with Him He will help you…

Make sure you tell me your thoughts around master minding and any questions you have as well.










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