The No.1 Way How to answer the question is it Network Marketing?

Do you dread the question “Is it Network Marketing?”  Does it make you quiver in your boots or want to run away and hide? Does this simple question even stop you from building your network marketing business because you don’t know what to do or how to answer it in a way that won’t repel your prospect?

OK first to help you with getting the answer to the question “Is it network marketing” I need to lay down a major foundation. What I am about to tell you is quite possibly the most important thing for you to ever hear and understand when it comes to objections and how to overcome them and also avoid them. You may want to view this other article on Handling Objections… 

Are you ready for it? This is is how your answer the question is it network marketing before it is even asked.

“The objections you receive are the objections you have.”

Let me explain. if you are worried that people will ask you “is it network marketing” then you will actually send out signals, body language etc, words, phrases, factial expressions etc that will draw that objection from your prospect. You’re concern maybe about the price of the product, so the objection you receive is “the product is too expensive”, you may think that you don’t have time and that other people wont have time, so guess what objection you receive “I don’t have time”. Your objection maybe that you actually don’t like network marketing so guess what, people will say no because it’s network marketing.

So let me answer how to answer the question is it network marketing before it is asked. Simple, do your research (Like you’re doing now), practice your response and build your confidence. When you are confident about how to answer a question, the question you receive very rarely comes up. Two days ago, I was on a flight across the country, the man I was sitting next to, asked this very same question, and because I wasn’t afraid of the question and because I believe in this industry, I actually said “Yes it is, have you had experience in it before?”

This then opened up our discussion, and you need to watch the video for how I handled it and what I said.

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