That Dreaded Question: Is It Network Marketing – handling objections! 

Make sure you watch our latest video on “Is It Network Marketing?” – If you can handle this objection you will be able to handle anything…

Before we get into today’s training on handling objections and you learn how to overcome one of the most common objections in this industry, I want you to understand that there is no single script that will overcome ALL objections, however there is one thing you can do that will have a dramatic impact.

What is it?

Simple, it is your posture. Posture is how you “handle” the objection rather than how you “answer” it.

You see it is never about “what” you say, it is always about “how” you say it.

Even before we were earning a major income in the home based business/network marketing industry, I had learnt the power of posture or confidence when it came to dealing with people and handling objections.

Too many people become apologetic about what it is they do.

Instead of conveying confidence they are communicating fear. The people they are speaking to never buy anything from them or get started with them in business because the entrepreneur has no confidence in what they are saying.

I find that many of the new business owners spend most of their time learning about their products and services and very little time learning about their business and the industry they are a part of.

Ask yourself this question. Over the last month, how much time have you spent developing your business skills and awareness of this industry? How many CDs have you listened to or books have you read that had NOTHING to do with your product?

This will tell you the level of your commitment to building a business.

So handling objections and then overcoming them starts by you learning more and being able to handle yourself as a professional. Start doing this and you will see a HUGE improvement in your results.

Be confident when you answer the question. Be the person who knows and believes in what they are doing and you are more than 95% of the way to success. Everything and everyone else will follow your lead because you come across as BELIEVING.

Believing in yourself, your decisions and your company. This is the start of the whole overcoming objections path.

Yes the rest can be handled by scripts and strategies which I cover in the video below, but first, believe in yourself and DON’T APOLOGISE for what you do and the decisions you have made.

Watch the video below on handling objections. You get to see me having a “bad hair day”

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