Have you ever asked the question “How Do I Make Residual Income?”
First I need to let you know that we can no longer call it ‘Residual Income”, the government now makes us call it “Long Term Income”, so to stop my self from getting in trouble, I wanted to let you know of the change.

If you have read any of Robert Kyosaki‘s books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or “Cashflow Quadrant”, or if you have been in the network marketing industry for any period of time, you would have heard the term “Residual Income” (longterm income for anyone in the government reading this) and you may have asked yourself how you could earn some.

Well hands down, the absolute best way to make residual income, is from Network Marketing or MLM.

People from all over the world have been generating long term income from the network marketing industry since it’s inception…why? Because it works.

The Problem with it is…
People have this dream to earn residual income, but they are not prepared to do the work to get it.

This is one of the great lies in network marketing but in life in general. Many people have the “Have it now mentality” instead of work now get it later mentality.

We have had the privilege of generating an amazing income from the Network Marketing Industry for a very long time. But at no time can I say that it came to me from doing nothing…this is the lie that people like to believe and I ask you not to fall for it.

Yes there are major benefits in building a network marketing or MLM business. Benefits like Holidays, Freedom, Time etc etc etc but you need to work to get them.

So let me ask you a question…
Are you prepared to take the time needed for you to succeed, for you to become a person who generates long term income and helps others to do the same.

Think of this irony, you are building a business to generate you an income that will be around for the long term, so why not be prepared to put in long term amounts of time and effort…

You can have a lot of fun building this business, you can also have great rewards and help many people. But for you to get the long term (residual income) that you are looking for, you need to put in the effort.

What should the effort be to generate the income?
1. Have a network marketing system to follow.
2. Have a team to be part of.
3. Be prepared to put in the extra hours you will need to do to get the extra results.
4. Find the right company.
5. Find the right mentor.
6. Go to work building your business.
7. Forget excuses.

I heard this great quote from Dexter Yager, one of this industries greats. “The Dream Will Only Work For The Person When The Dream Is More Important Than The Rut” so make sure that your dream or your why is big enough. Make sure it is worth your time and effort, because let’s face it, you are not building this business for the money, you are building this business for what the money can give you and that is your dream.













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