Mannatech Transitions to Social Entrepreneur Company

Mannatech Leaves Network Marketing Industry

Mannatech Causes Tidal Wave Throughout Industry

It’s official, Mannatech has made the switch from being a Network Marketing Company to Being on the edge of a business revolution and joining the ranks of an elite group of companies called Social Entrepreneurs.

Mannatech, founded by Sam Caster and headed up by Rob Sinnot has become known globally as a company that does not sit still. It would seem that know how to keep ahead of the curve and create opportunities for entrepreneurs at every turn.

With many people looking at the Network Marketing Industry and wondering when will there be a major shift that causes dramatic change happen, well it has just happened.

For the past 2 1/2 years Sam Caster, a true visionary, has been positioning the associate base the corporate team for what he sees as the greatest opportunity to create wealth AND change the world at the same time. Sam has had his challenges throughout this time, challenges that have tested his resolve, however in true visionary fashion, he has been vindicated and proven to be correct through the resurgence and energy that the Social Entrepreneur Movement has done throughout the Mannatech Associate base.

The old way of doing Network Marketing, even though it still works and I believe will always work because it is based on relationships and caring for people, needed a drastic shift but no one really knew how it would happen. At first we thought it would be the internet, and while yes it has opened new opportunities and in some ways made things easier but in others it has made it even more difficult. But the internet is nowhere near as big a change as what the Social Entrepreneur Movement will be for Network Marketing.

Let me explain why…

The internet is just another way to find people to talk to and hopefully bring them into your business. Yes I use the internet every day of the week for my business, but it didn’t really change the way people feel about network marketing. In fact more and more people are becoming concerned about what they read online and not knowing who or what to trust.

Although I do believe we are going to see more and more opportunities to grow our businesses through technology, it is still just another tool to get in front of people, either via an email, webinar or face to face. Does this mean I will stop using the internet, NOT A CHANCE I love it for my business, however I do not believe it is the answer to Network Marketing at all, however I do believe that Social Entrepreneur is and it is the reason why Mannatech has made the switch and moved from being a Network Marketing Company to being a Social Entrepreneur Company, this has to be one of the biggest shake ups ever… because it shows that Mannatech knows something that the others don’t and they have something that no one else has… a solution.

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