Mannatech is set to give even more money to it’s associates…read on!

Mannatech, the company that I am associated with, is always working on how they can give more to their associates and to their customers.

Mannatech is not a company that sits back and waits to see what is going to happen with an economy or an emerging industry, they are known as being a for runner. A company that is first to do things and develop markets.

Let’s look at just a few of Mannatech’s list of accomplishments:

  1. They were the first to capitalise and develop the glyconutrient market. A massive achievement that has given them international recognition and helped them build a business that turns over hundreds of millions of dollars.
  2. They were the first to really position themselves in the MASSIVE growth market of “Real Food Technology” (TM to Mannatech).
  3. Vision to eliminate global malnutrition through their “Give For Real Program” and social entrepreneurship.

And now they are set to add even more money into their compensation plan.

What does this mean for the Mannatech associate base?

Mannatech associates are set to be part of one of the biggest moves of momentum the company has ever seen. The Mannatech associates who capitalise on these markets and position themselves using the training and network marketing systems that have been developed, will see real benefits for their businesses.

I am excited…

I believe that our mannatech team is set to explode even more than it is today, and that says something…
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    2 replies to "Mannatech Gives Even More Money"

    • Steve Toc

      Excellent James, strong stuff and I know the new system in the bomb. Thanks for all you do.

    • James

      Thanks Steve.
      Yes the system is going incredibly well and we are pumped. 🙂

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