Should you get a job if you can work your business full time

The answer to whether you should get a job if you can work your business full-time

I have seen it many times, new business owners get started in their home based business, network marketing business or even social entrepreneur business, they have the ability and opportunity to work their business full time due to a partner being able to support them for a period, retirement, they are a home mum/parent or even on some kind of government support. Many don’t look at this as the opportunity of a lifetime, I don’t actually think they see it as anything except just life and the way things are, however when the light switches on inside of them and they do understand that they have been given a great gift of freedom to be able to create something of significance for them and their families then great things happen.

My belief is that if you can work your business full time, then work it full time, the thing you need to understand though is what does full time mean?

Lets answer some questions to help you get the answer:

If you had a full time job –

Would you be able to attend every event at school

Would you be able to go down the street to the shops whenever you choose

Would you be able to surf the internet play on facebook and watch tv instead of working

Would you be able to sleep in and not get into your office until 1030am or even after lunch

Would you be able to do the house work in the middle of the week during the day

What about continually looking at your bank statement and doing your budget instead of adding money to your income.

etc etc etc

Let me answer these questions for you… OF COURSE NOT!!!

If you did these things while you were working, you would not have a job for very long, you would need to be committed to your job and your employer and become very good at time management.

So what is the real problem?

It’s time management…Many people are wasting their time during the day on things that they don’t need to be doing. They find “reasons” (they are really excuses) to not work their business. It is not that the business does not work, it is that they do not work their business…there is a big difference.

If you had a full time job, how many hours per week would you have to attend a job? 36 – 40 hours doing things that you are told to do. So can I make this suggestion? If you are able to financially stay at home and work your business for at least 90 days, then WORK YOUR BUSINESS.

Set a goal, it maybe to be making an extra $1000 per month, to be earning that by the end of that time frame and then work the amount of hours and with the same commitment you would have to give a job, but instead give it to your business and your dream.

Remove the obstacles, remove the fear and just go for it.

What does a job give you that actually giving your business 100% commitment and focus doesn’t?

And your business will give you freedom that your job never could.

Can I suggest you do these things to help you not have to get a job:

1. Set a goal 90 days out

2. Treat it like a job. What time do you start, what time is lunch and morning tea and what time do you knock off.

3. What are your dollar productive activities and ONLY focus on them. Everything else can wait. (prospecting and closing)

4. Have a  running partner, this maybe your upline, someone who is actively building their business and will keep you accountable on a DAILY BASIS.

5. Share your successors with EVERYONE

6. ONLY share your failures with your upline.

7. Do personal development every day.

So I guess you have my answer on whether you should go full time in your home based business… YES if you can do it…just make sure you are committed and your partner is on board with you. Don’t let the team down. NOW is your time.

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    3 replies to "Should You Get A Job If You Have The Opportunity To Work Your Business Full Time"

    • Janette Carter

      What do you mean in #3? PLEASE Define dollar productive, versus Prospecting & Closing. Thank you.

    • James

      Donna I know you can, that is correct, focus with everything inside of you and hit that next goal of PD. You are a tremendous leader and we know you can do it. It is only the next step 🙂

    • James

      Hi Janette
      Dollar productive activity is the things that you do that actually generate an income. Most people think that they should be responding to emails and writing blurbs or putting things on facebook, and while yes they are important, the number 1 productive thing you can do is prospecting and closing.

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