So I had this Facebook message today from one of my leaders about our Social Entrepreneur Model, asking me, “is the way our Social Entrepreneur Model is being used, a scam, and out of integrity?” You know what, if I was asked that question 6 months ago, I am not sure I would have had the answer.

6 months ago, we were not actively using the Social Entrepreneur Model and secondly, it hadn’t made its way from my head to my heart at that time. You could also say that God had not given me the revelation around this new business model of Social Entrepreneur.

I believe everything happens at the right time not only for me, but for you as well, and also for the Network Marketing and Home Based Business Industry. The Social Entrepreneur Model is going to change everything and HAS changed everything, however there are some changes that need to happen first.

In our company, we have had some problems implementing the social entrepreneur program.

The biggest problem that most of the leaders around the world have had, has been that it is almost impossible for them to make the shift from marketing this business the traditional way, to making the switch to Give For Real or The Social Entrepreneur Model.

“Opportunity of Social Entrepreneur” versus “The Charity of Social Entrepreneur”

I personally could not understand how to show the “Opportunity of Social Entrepreneurs” versus “The Charity of Social Entrepreneur”.

It wasn’t until I spent some a lot of time with Sam Caster, read some more information, and then spoke with some of my team (who saw the social entrepreneur opportunity immediately), that I understood that Social Entrepreneur HAS to become the model we use.

It is not a strategy, it is the way we do business and it is ALL about the kids AND creating a LIFESTYLE for those who partner with us.

There are some keys to making the social entrepreneur model work…the main one is making the “social entrepreneur” WHO WE ARE as an individual, not just a strategy.

You see EVERYONE is looking for a way to create a better lifestyle and they are also looking for a way that they can feel extremely good about their life in a giving non selfish way. The wonderful thing about the social entrepreneur program is, that we get to do both.

“Is the way our Social Entrepreneur program is being used, a scam, or out of integrity?”

So here’s my response when I was asked whether our Social Entrepreneur program was in integrity:

“You are so much like me, we are very similar personalities, very concerned about integrity and about doing what works.

This way of doing business does both in a way that will blow your mind and I would love to explain it more.

But remember, it is not a strategy, it is the WAY we do business and who we are. The cause “nourishing kids” is the REASON we build this business and SO IS “creating a lifestyle” they are interconnected and can not be undone.

This is the true power of the Social Entrepreneur  model, when both the cause and the lifestyle are brought together as a true Win/Win”

I just want you to understand that the way you make the social entrepreneur program work is by not making it a part of who you are but by make WHO YOU ARE!!!

It is not a charity, it is a business that has a cause, it is something that rewards the entrepreneur and rewards the cause, for us it is the child.

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