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Even though we have a global business, a business that God has blessed us with and transformed our lives through, having a local team in the town of Coffs Harbour has been something that I can honestly say, I never put the effort into, but I should have. We started and then stopped so many times, mainly because I was self sabotaging my success. I used to believe that it was my responsibility to make sure someone succeeded and if they failed it was my fault, the social entrepreneur program has changed all of that.

Yes I had to let go of my “god complex” thinking that I was god and that I could work miracles, now I understand that it is up to each and every individual to create the success they want, my role is to help them by giving them the best system and support I can.

The Social Entrepreneurs Sleeping Giant

Now that we have the Social Entrepreneurs System for our team all of a sudden the sleeping giant is waking up from years of slumber.

It maybe parts here and there of the sleeping giant but I can see it moving.

You see our business, even though it has been doing well, I have always known what it can do when the shackles of confusion and disbelief are removed, and I am getting ready to take that giant on the ride of its life.

I want to tell you what happened today with my small group of social entrepreneurs I have started to work with and develop here in Coffs Harbour and even though is only a “micro instance” of what is happening globally for our team, it will give you an idea of what is to come.

The Social Entrepreneurs Transformation

Today we have taken a group of “non network marketers” and fully equipped them as social entrepreneurs.

Over a coffee at a local cafe, a small team of 5 people took the script they were given and have started to fill their diaries with people who ACTUALLY WANT TO TALK TO THEM.

You see the social entrepreneurs program makes your prospects WANT to be a part of what you are doing…but again it has to be positioned correctly.

Sandra, one of the ladies who has just joined this merry group of social entrepreneurs went to the clothing shop next door and set up a meeting immediately after the coffee. Kylie set up one for Thursday and Kieran is going for it. And then you look at Naomi, well her diary is ALREADY FULL…

Imagine having something that people can’t wait to do and be involved in, well that is what Social Entrepreneur does…The social entrepreneur program, when used correctly and wrapped in belief is what my friends in America would call a “TOUCH DOWN!!”.

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