You may be thinking why the Social Entrepreneur Program is so powerful and why am I such an advocate.

Well I need to give you some of my experiences.

For over 14 years I have been involved in the network marketing industry and I have used so many powerful strategies that have worked to build our business, so much so that we have personally been awarded the Top Associate for Australasia Award twice. We have also people in our team that have been awarded this in Australasia and Europe and have also been awarded Top Enroller etc, etc.

So obviously we have things that work, however they have always come after people have had to work through the negative stigma associated with the network marketing industry. Make sure you read this article on the Social Entrepreneurs Program

People have had to get over their pre conceived issues and mindsets surrounding speaking to people they know and care about.

As with so many people, they have been scared that they will lose friends and family and that somehow those people who supposedly love them so much will no longer want to be associated with them because they have become involved in a network marketing company.

It is like they have joined some kind of cult.

Personally I have found that this is far from the truth, most of the time those fears become reality for those people because they draw that objection out of their prospect..however I have found that the social entrepreneur program eliminates all of this.

The Social Entrepreneur Program

Instead of the stigma of the network marketing industry, people come with a willing and open heart when they hear about how they can be involved in a Social Entrepreneur Program, however it all has to be positioned correctly and this has been a huge job to make sure we enable our business partners, (we call them social entrepreneurs) know and understand how to use this Social Entrepreneur program effectively.

This is only for the old timers though, the hard-core network marketers (like me) who have been around for years and are so indoctrinated with the “old way” of doing things, that it is sometimes very difficult to grab a hold of something new.

For me it has taken almost 3 years to really see that the social entrepreneur program is the game changer not only for our business but for the network marketing industry as a whole, and I challenge ANY leader globally to take me up on this.

When you can do the following within your network marketing business, you will transform your destiny and the destiny of everyone you are working with.

Making the switch to being a Social Entrepreneur instead of a “network marketer”:

  • Remove Fear
  • Give them something to believe in
  • Make them feel good about speaking to people
  • Give them a cause to connect with
  • PAY THEM to do it.

Now when you combine these things, you are unstoppable as a Social Entrepreneur, and I mean unstoppable.

Over the months and years to follow this post, you are going to be hearing about every day people just like you, who are changing the network marketing world while changing their own world.

I have never seen the light switch on within our social entrepreneurs like they have at the moment.

It has been the answer to many years of prayer.

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