My Mike Dillard Review

I have held off on writing my Mike Dillard Review for over 2 years. Since that time I have gone from being someone who thought he was a fraud or scare mongerer to someone who thinks he is a pure strategist. Read on to understand what I mean. For those of you who don’t know who Mike Dillard is, he is the founder of Magnetic Sponsoring. An online training and marketing program for Network Marketers. It mainly taught that you shouldn’t do the traditional ways of building a business (it was wrong) 

Does this mean that I believe everything Mike Dillard has ever said? NO WAY…it just means that I believe Mike Dillard is one of the smartest marketers around and someone that has impacted the network marketing industry more than anyone else in the current era, and even though he has left the industry, his legacy of opening up the online area of network marketing, has remained.

I agree that Mike Dillard opened my eyes to what the internet can do for mine and your network marketing business and at the samemike dillard time, I believe that his work scared a lot of people unnecessarily. Making them think that the sky was falling when it wasn’t.

Mike Dillard was/is famous for saying that “the old way of building your network marketing business is dead…” this created an exodus from the traditional ways that people build their businesses, to use only the internet. This caused many peoples businesses to stall and collapse as people lost focus and believed the lie that was being perpetuated. Maybe it wasn’t a lie, maybe it was just Mike Dillards understand of the way the network marketing industry could work if they used the internet etc.

This phenomenon that Mike created made “guru’s” out of people who had never had any kind of success but were telling people how they could have success. They had learnt the secret of “becoming the expert”. The funny thing was that most of the people that were being trained knew more about network marketing business building than the person training them.

Does this mean that everything that Mike Dillard did was wrong? NOT AT ALL… like I said, even though some of the things he said were not correct, some of them were absolutely brilliant.

I believe…
I believe that Mike Dillard has had more influence in bringing the network marketing industry into the 21st century than anyone else, so for my Mike Dillard Review I must say that even though I do not agree with everything he has done, I do believe that his influence has been good over all. He opened my eyes to help me see that by using some fundamental principles of building online, I could train my team in a way to generate an unlimited amount of leads whenever they wanted. This however was only part of it, those leads then needed to be converted and then the traditional methods took over, because the new methods were not really duplicatable. I have said in other posts, we don’t do what works, we do what is duplicatable.

The one area I would suggest caution around will be thinking that online is the only way to build your business. If you do this, your business will fail and fall over and will never gain the traction that comes from excited and motivated people talking to the people they know and care about.


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