Should You Buy Magnetic Sponsoring?

This is one question I have had a few times so let me answer it for you…I do not believe that you should buy magnetic sponsoring unless it is part of your complete system.

I know of many leaders that are using Magnetic Sponsoring as the first resource they get their new business partners to purchase. It is a great eye opener to the whole world of online network marketing.

Magnetic Sponsoring is not a complete system, it is a tool that can (I do use the word “can”) be part of your system, but it is not necessary.

I love the way that Mike Dillard explains marketing inside of the book and for those people who have never participated in a marketing program before then this is a great place to start.


I do not believe that you HAVE to buy magnetic sponsoring unless your support line or upline is suggesting you to.


Well the success for your network marketing business will come from home good your network marketing system is and how well you follow the steps laid out for you. It will be to your detriment if you decide that you will pick and choose what to use when your mentors and support have already covered the ground before you.

So is short, follow the path and the suggestions that are coming down line. Remember they tell you what to do because they want you to succeed, because if you don’t succeed neither do they.
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