Network Marketing Leaders Need To Stop Arguing About This.

Network Marketing Leaders have been arguing this point since Adam was a boy: What do you promote, business or product? Over the years I have been caught in this argument and even as early as last week when I was catching up with some of the key network marketing leaders of our company it was brought up. They thought I would disagree with them, they were shocked when I said they were right.

We were talking about what we need to be doing with a new product that is about to launch. It has the potential to completely change an industry, we are all excited because it is very different and hits the number 1 issue head on when it comes to a certain segment of a market.

Our discussion was “What do we do to make this an incredible launch?”

Of course we worked on a strategic plan and everything that goes along with that but the biggest aha moment for me was the realisation that I had stopped doing the thing we used to always do that grew a raving fan base of fired up team members – We trained on product and were over the top excited about what it could do. Over the years I have forgotten that and so it will become a major part of what we do, not only for this launch but also for our team moving forward.

Where does network marketing leadership go wrong?

We go wrong forgetting where we have come from and what worked for us. We forget where we started or we don’t look at our teams asking the question “what is working for them?” and then make it too hard for them or remove the ability for them to develop themselves as their own leader. We try and make them like us instead of bringing out the incredible leader they already are.

Yes there are basics and concepts that remain the same but there are strengths that everyone has that may be a little different to others. It is why we need to have the ability for our teams to use their strengths to build their businesses, but that is a discussion for another time.

What do you do?

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. it is not an either or, it is a combination of both. You want a team of raving product fans while at the same time helping them become recruiting machines. People who love the products and business so much and have the ability to talk to people about both.

Most of your new people will start with the product, that is what they will talk about because that is what they are excited or comfortable with. Allow them to talk from that place. I guarantee that over time they will come to you asking how do they recruit others who want to become a network marketing leader.

Have plenty of product training and opportunities for your team to become passionate. You will have over 90% of your team as clients anyway, so you might as well stop fighting it and become good at embracing it and then teaching your team to upgrade your clients to business partners.

You also need to become your number 1 raving fan. Fall in love with the product, be passionate and be excited. Your team will follow you.

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