7 Steps To Your Team Writing The Network Marketing List

I have been around the network marketing industry now for many years and I have seen plenty of ways to write a network marketing list and how to get a new person to write a list. In fact it is has been something that has been a little bit of a bug bear for me as I look for a way that not only works but inspires and duplicates. 

Getting a new person to write their network marketing list, is one of those things that can be like pulling teeth. They generally don’t want to do it, so today, I am

network marketing list
Your Teams Network Marketing list is the key to yours and theirs success. Become good at getting them writing It!

going to give you my simple way of getting that new person to write their list, be inspired and act upon it.

Please understand that if you tell a person to write their network marketing list, and you don’t do it with them, the chances of them actually writing their list and getting it done are very remote. The key is to write it with them, or at least get them started with their top 20 and then give them homework saying “Let’s catch up tomorrow at … to go through some other training, so make sure you get the rest of the names on paper from facebook, phone and your planner”.

Remember, most people have never done this before and if they have, they failed, if they didn’t fail, they wouldn’t have joined you, they would still be with their successful business not looking for an opportunity, so them writing their network marketing list can be very scary because they have heard all the stories of other peoples failures. You need to fill them up now with other peoples successes and why their network marketing list is going to be an integral part of that success.

They probably have their preconceived ideas as well about speaking to their friends and families, so  your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become a professional in helping your new person write their list and then connect with that list in a professional non threatening way. Our team love to use the “Practice Approach”. I will write on that soon, it is a perfect way to get people to present to and practice on.

While there are plenty of ways for a person to write their network marketing list, the one I really like is the one I learnt from Bo Short. Bo is an incredible leader in the network marketing industry. The way he trains it not only gets the list written down on paper, it also inspires the new person into action.

However with everything, getting them to write their list, requires you to be positioned correctly and have done it yourself. You are able to speak with much more authority when you say “this is what I did” rather than “this is what you need to do”. Do you see the difference?

Make sure you watch this video I did for you, it will help you in writing the list and also empowering that new person.

The key points to writing your network marketing list are:

  1. Have posture, don’t apologise for them having to write their list.
  2. Ask them questions like: “if you owned a cafe and your friends all liked coffee, would you be happy if they kept buying their coffees from the cafe right next to yours or would you like them to buy from you?
  3. Make sure you know their dreams FIRST. Don’t write the list until you know WHY they are building this business.
  4. Follow the instructions on the video below on how to write the list.
  5. Arrange their first two 3 way calls, in home presentations or conference calls.
  6. Be prepared to call their list with them so they can hear you.
  7. Know the steps yourself.

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