Today I am going to give you my 7 simple steps that anyone can use to start their attraction marketing journey.

When I first heard about Attraction Marketing, I thought it was just another pretty term thought up by some internet guru who was trying to sell his product. I thought they would have had no foundation of success or any testimonials to back it up. Oh, how I was wrong…

What I found was some very smart leaders who were making great money and helping people all over the world do exactly the same.

So I started reading, listening and watching what these leaders in the network marketing and home business industry were saying, I was shocked to realise that what we had been training and doing for a long time was what they were saying. The BIG difference was, I didn’t understand what I was doing or why and so I couldn’t train on it.

I started to implement what I was learning and mimicking what they were doing in the attraction marketing arena, and wouldn’t you know it, my results changed. I started to have people chasing me and asking me if they could join  my business.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

You see we had built a business of over 20,000 people in 14 countries around the world and I still didn’t have people trying to track me down, I was the one doing all the chasing. It wasn’t until I implemented these basic steps on attraction marketing below that people started to call me.

Step 1. When you start attraction marketing, what do you want to attract?

I know this may sound a little strange but hear me out. Many people when they get started in business get confused by the results they start to achieve. The people that are getting started in their business have no desire and all they do is complain. The question has to be asked…”Why are you attracting those type of people?”

I have a friend who says: “Results, Often harsh, Always fair!”

If you are not attracting the right type of people, there is only one place you have to start…and that is with you. Remember: “Like attracts Like”

If you want to attract good people into your business, then think about how YOU need to be, to attract them.

2. What niche are you going to work in for Attraction Marketing?

Marketing is all about knowing your niche, and being able to target what you are doing, directly at that niche. Be specific, don’t go from one thing to another. Stay the course. It will pay off in the long run, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE CHOSEN WISELY (that is another post)

3. Start Learning about your niche and how to use attraction Marketing along side it.

Success in attraction marketing comes from being the “Guru” on that subject. So you can’t expect to become that “Guru” unless you know what you are talking about. Does this mean you may have to buy some material, attend some seminars and do some training? YOU BET IT DOES!!!

4. Start learning and then teach on it. (This is where Attraction Marketing really pays off)

If you have spent the time becoming an expert and learning all about your niche then the next step is teaching others.

John Maxwell says that the best thing you can do when you have learnt something is to train someone else on it. When you train someone else, it becomes yours.

5. Build a following using the attraction marketing blueprint.

OK let’s face it, when you start teaching others how to do what it is you are doing, you are going to get a following. People are going to want to be like you and have the success you are having. So be prepared for it.

Make sure you have your autoresponder setup and a place for people to continuously learn from you and subscribe to your information. In  my opinion having a blog with an opt-in form and pop-up is essential…

6. Start developing others. (Unless you are doing this you will never see the real benefit of attraction marketing)

Have webinars, conference calls and team meetings. Allow people to ask you questions and get answers. Sure you can charge for your time or you can offer it free if they come on board and join your team. Either works. I prefer people to join my team as I am more interested in the long term reward of building a leader than I am in the short term once-off payment.

7. Earn an income. (Attraction Marketing gives you many areas to earn that income)

Money is something we all want and need, so don’t be afraid to charge for your time or put an expectation on people to join your team. It may take time to build the desire for people to hand over their credit card, but the more value you offer, the bigger your results and the harder it becomes for people to  say no to you.

Remember people want what you have.

Sure there is a lot more we could cover in this article, however this is enough for you to start with. Attraction Marketing has opened my eyes to whole new world. You don’t need to be an IT wizard to make it work for you, however learning how to use some basics is a definite help.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, make sure you leave them below.








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