unrealistic expectationsLet’s talk about how we all, that’s right all of us, set ourselves up for failure when we write our goals.

It is simple, yet so true. We put “Unrealistic Expectations” on ourselves.

A good example is when a new person gets started, they make a decision that they will earn over $100,000 per year in their first 12 months. When asked how much they make now, they answer “$30,000”, so you probe a little deeper, “Have you ever made over $100,000 per year before?”…”No”… so we go a little deeper…”have you ever been in business before?”…”No”…”Do you have any more to spend on advertising and training?” …..”no”.

This is what I would call an unrealistic expectations.

It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, however it is more than likely not going to happen.

You see, no matter what you are going to do requires skills to be developed. Skills that take time to grow and then know how to be used.

Learning how to make over $100K per year, are a different set of skills to what you use to earn over 30K per year. Can you see what I mean?

Believing that when you first get started that you will be a 6 figure income earner in 12 months without going through the road of skill development, is a fairy tale.

Be real with yourself, YES if you are prepared to put in the long hours to short cut your learning curve, then it can be done (I mean I did it), however don’t think that you will do it without pushing yourself.

So the biggest killer I see with new and old networkers is they have “unrealistic expectations on themselves, their team, their mentor and their company.

Take a look at where you are today and where you want to go. Ask yourself a serious question. “Are you prepared to work your tale off on learning the skills and putting into action immediately what you learn?”

I hope you say yes, then find yourself a mentor, someone you can run with, someone who knows what it takes and will help you do it.

They won’t do it for you, however they know how to encourage you every step of the way.

I have a great quote that goes like:

“We over estimate what we can do in a short amount of time, but under estimate what we can do in a long amount of time”


Have you ever set yourself up with failure by putting an unrealistic expectation on yourself?

Leave a comment below on what you do to help yourself achieve your dreams…

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    2 replies to "You And Unrealistic Expectations"

    • Simeon Cryer

      I loved that video James. Great content, awesome job! Thanks

    • James

      Thanks Simeon, it is something you and I have talked about many times. You are a great example of a man that gets it right.

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