how to write goalsHave you ever wondered how to write your goals correctly?

I know I used to think that all the time. It wasn’t until I went to a 3 month high intensive “results camp” (this was a personal development program that went over 3 months, it was all about setting your goals and then going and getting them. So we set them at the start and then we had 3 months to get them, boy did I learn some stuff, oh by the way, I did get my goals :)) that I learn’t how to actually write my goals correctly and then what to do to get them.

If you have not already read my post on the S.M.A.R.T. way to establish your goals, then do that now.

Today it is about the actually wording to use.

here is an example of how I write my goals: On or before “date” I will have “goal” … or I will have enrolled 10 new people at the top package in my mannatech business on or before “date”.

Do you see how specific it is and how simple.

When I went through Sam Camp with Klemmer and Associates I had a team of people I was accountable, they also read the goal to see if it was “ambiguous” as well.

The other thing you want to add to your goal, is a little reward that you will give yourself, when you achieve it. Obviously the bigger the goal, the bigger the reward, the smaller the goal, the smaller the reward.

Why a reward?
Well you have something to look forward to when you accomplish it.

I never used to do this, now I LOVE it…I want that reward and I am tough on myself, I don’t get the reward if I don’t get the goal…

So why don’t you take some time now and write your goals. Have some fun doing it.



I know there are many other things we could talk on, like the biggest thing you could do to set yourself up for failure when setting your goal, actually that will be my next post.

Leave a comment and I would love to see you write your goal below. I will help you fine tune it if you like…

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