7 Simple Time Management Tips

I don’t know about you, but for me personally, Time Management has become something that I have had to become good or should I say better at. I hear statements like “I am not very good at time management” or “what do I do, do you have any simple time management tips?”

When people within our team really push the “start button”, they become fully aware of how important “time management” is and how much of their time they had been wasting up until this time. One you read this post, you may want to read my Time Management Strategies post

It kind of goes like this, all of a sudden you make a decision to build your business and start to talk to a lot of people, get a heap of those people started and then ask “how do I handle all of them?”

In the mix of people they have gotten started they have their customers and their new business partners.

Both require time and effort and as the amount of customers and business partners continues to grow so does the time required to look after them.

One of the most unfortunate things I see in this business when people become good at bringing people on (signing them up) they don’t give their new team member the time and focus that they deserve.

Instead they focus all their attention on bringing on that next new person and forget to look after their existing.

I used to be very guilty of this. I loved the thrill of the chase and I saw having to slow down and look after that new person a drain, it didn’t take me long to realise that I needed to manage my time better because those existing people started to drop off due to the fact I wasn’t looking after them and so my income wasn’t increasing and neither was my time.

I realised that I needed to build relationships and also have a system that they could plug into to get the training that was needed. Although having all of the training online has been a true market advantage for our team, nothing beats the time you spend one on one with your brand new person. This is where trust and confidence is developed.

This was one of the reasons I built Dual Networking… but more of that later. (it is our training and marketing system for our team)

So let’s talk about some simple time management tips that will improve your skills immediately, yes there are whole courses you can buy out there that will hone your skills down the minute detail, and yes they are a good idea, however let’s get some things to you right now that won’t cost you anything. I want to give you the time management tips that really helped me.

Time Management Tips:

  1. Write down the list of things that you need to get done on a daily and weekly basis. e.g.: Prayer, Food shopping, paying bills, taking kids to school, church, sporting activities, calling prospects, calling clients, business partners, training, reading your business book, weekly training webinar or meeting, Date night, family time with kids etc.
    Now that you have your list written down, take the ‘fixed events” and put them in your diary. a good example of this is if you go to church. I would say you go to church at the same time each week. Maybe your date night is the same each week (ours is lol).
    Next, look at the things that you have your list that could be done at the same time and save you going out at different times. e.g.: taking kids to school, paying the bills and going shopping. Can you arrange your diary to do these three at the same time and any others? So combine things that require you to be at the same area.
  2. Understand what your “dollar productive activities” are: as the name suggests your dollar productive activities are the ones that create you an income. More than likely, scrolling through the activity feed of facebook is not going to be generating you any money.
  3. Allocate a set amount of time for each task: e.g.: when you have a group of people to call, allocate a certain amount of time per call, including your prospects and partners. Your time is valuable and requires your focus. So if facebook is part of your business strategy, then how much time will you need to be on facebook to get your tasks done WITHOUT WASTING TIME!
  4. Be protective of your time: When you have a set time put aside for calls and doing certain things, if the phone rings, don’t answer it, don’t check emails outside of their allocated time, stay off facebook outside of its allocated time.
  5. Allocate time for friends and family: I know this may sound harsh, however if you had a job, would your boss like it if you were always stopping work to speak with your friends and family? Sometimes they don’t understand that your home based business is serious, if you don’t take your time seriously, neither will anyone else.
  6. Don’t check your emails at around lunch time. Emails tend to have this way of invading our entire plan for the day. If you have important things you need to get done during the morning and then you check your emails, more than likely you will receive more “stuff” that will need to get done. So do yourself a favour, don’t check them until after lunch. If you are working full time and running your home business at night, then check your emails etc after you have done all the “dollar productive activities”.
  7. Learn the skill of making your calls productive and yet caring. I listen in on so many calls etc and notice how much time is being wasted. If it is a team call, set the parameters at the start, let the team know it is a business call and you have a certain amount of time for the call. Remove the “So What” and get straight to the point to make sure everything is covered that needs to be covered. With the one on one calls, don’t allow yourself to be taken down the rabbit trail, before you make the call, make sure you know what the purpose of the call is and get it done. This may take time, but you will get there. I can hear some of you already saying “but what about the relationships”, one of the leaders in our team has set up a “coffee chat” via Skype. It is a set time each week and they do it as a group call, it isn’t really about business, it is just about everyone bringing a beverage and having a conversation about anything and everything. It is all ladies on this call. I went on it once…just once lol.

There are so many extra things you can add to this simple time management tips list, however for me, theses were the main ones I needed to implement.

You will get better with your time management, if you persist and become tough on yourself.

As you start to block time out for certain tasks, you may find that you will need to explain to those close to you what you are doing, make sure you do this and do it with love and understanding because those people won’t be used to you being so focused and well-managed with your time. They will adjust because they will start to place more value on you and your time.

As I have said before, if you don’t put value on your time, no one else will.

I am sure you have some ideas on time management as well, I would love to hear them and I know the others who read this article would appreciate it as well. Make sure you tell us in the comments below.

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