3 Simple Time Management Strategies That Work

We all know the old saying “time is flying”, but it is when we allow time to slip away that we tend to panic a little. So in saying that how have you been going with your time management strategies to date. So far so good? Not really so good? Can do much better?

Well we could alldo better with time management and as far as building our own home based business goes, our time and boundaries can sometimes get a little blurred. Nevertheless we have to make sure to stop, inhale and first have a little time out to plan…

Time Management Strategies #1

Map out Your Year. For those who haven’t already done this, sit back for 30 mins (it could take longer, that is okay) and pre-plan your year. Some people have Time Management Strategiestroubles planning what they would like to have accomplished in the upcoming 12 months (or more), nevertheless they definitely need to re-think things somewhat. Does anyone want life to move by and basically “happen”? It doesn’t matter if perhaps by the end of the twelve months things have not transpired as you planned, that’s fine – at least you had a plan and one thing can be certain, you would have gotten more done than if you didn’t have a plan.

Be sure you include time with your spouse and children first ie. family holiday’s, dates together with your husband or wife, dates together with your kids (or if you don’t have children – plan a holiday on your own, even if it is camping with some friends – which by the way is actually heaps of fun). This is probably the most significant time management strategy, after all, towards the end of your life, would you glance back and think, “I wish I had spent more time earning a living? It is much more likely you’d be saying, “I wish I had spent more time doing the things I love the most and family would be that thing!

Time Management Strategies #2

Plan Time on Your Own. Are you currently doing ok? Hey, you must make time on your own every day, regardless of whether it is a 30 minute walk by yourself in the morning. Get the body pumping a little and get some fresh air. Make sure you care for you. You only get one body, make sure it’s always in top condition for your future mental and physical health. Go get yourself a massage. I am loving my own tips right now!!! I know you are thinking right now… “these last two things actually take my time”, the fact of the matter is that if you follow my other time management tips that I wrote about previously, these points we talk about today will become invaluable. You see most people don’t put time aside for themselves.

Time Management Strategies #3

Plan Time for Your Business. Well, I can bet you were certainly not expecting the above, yet trust me if you DON’T make them a priority you run the risk of feeling as if you are chasing after your tail regardless of what you do.

Many people are also operating a 9-5 job as well as managing a work from home business, this is why time management is absolutely vital. In case you do not currently have one, purchase a diary, yes add time for you first (this does in no way include watching television during the night time), next your family responsibilities, your work hours after that, then what amount time you are able to work on your work from home business. Let’s just get back to watching TV for a moment. I’m not against watching a favourite TV show or , however I did not grow my work from home business watching TV each night. Sure I had and still have down time and enjoy my favourite shows or a family movie (normally on a weekend, I rarely watch TV during the week) but on the other nights I may read personal development books, hang out with my family or work on my work from home business.

Your time management strategies will become crucial for your success. After you fill in your diary with all of the above, does it appear to be you don’t have much time left? In the event you do then excellent, go for it, build your work from home business in that spare time, what are you waiting for? If not, then you need to reassess details somewhat. We established our own work from home business while working a full time professional job and raising 2 small children. We decided that running hard would not be a permanent thing, so we made a commitment together that we would make our work from home business happen inside a twelve month period.

Guess what, within just 1 year we made equivalent in earnings, with our own work from home business, to the full-time job. It can be done. Simply plan!!!

Given that we have the most crucial things planned, this is your task. It’s going to open up a lot more time for you to increase your work from home business.

Time Management Strategies Suggested Task:

    • Track your hours for the following week.
    • Work out exactly where you invest most of your time.
    • Prioritise and sort your tasks. Determine what you have to get done first.
    • Create an every day time sheet from 9 am – 5 pm. Write your priority items on the time sheet. If you believe it’s going to take an hour to finish a task, add an extra 30 minutes to allow any distractions.
    • Set boundaries by communicating with people the amount of time you are able to commit with him or her, or perhaps plan another time to connect or chat.
    • Take out your diary right now and plan some time off so you can enjoy the getaways with friends and family, there’s no better gift to give to yourself!
    • Have fun and love your life!!!

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