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Have you ever wondered why we make it harder than it has to be to build a network marketing business? I know I have. It has been a question I have battled with for many years. There are times when I think many companies and individuals make it hard just because of some sadistic belief that “this is the way it has always been and if it was good for them, it should be good for you…”.

Now I know that nearly everyone I know in this industry has a desire to make it as easy as possible, however there are just some times due to lack of knowledge that you get taken down the wrong track and yes even I did it, I made it so hard for someone to build a network marketing business that many dropped out, until I learnt some very important steps that changed everything…and I mean EVERYTHING!

Individuals make it hard to build a network marketing business because they just believe it has to be hard, because the rest of their life has been hard, so this has to be as well. Companies make it difficult because they don’t listen to the field, you have too many corporate people trying to think like a field leader when they have never been in the field, and then you have the governments who don’t understand the true power of this incredible industry so they create laws that try to slow down individuals from achieving their dreams.

Now I know as you read this you maybe thinking that I am on a negativity rant…and in some ways I am, however last night I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep due to pure excitement. I felt like a kid who has been given a new toy that he played with all day and can’t wait to wake up in the morning and start playing again.

This is what the Social Entrepreneur Model has done for me and my business.

The Social Entrepreneur Program has removed what use to be hard and made it easy..not just simple, but easy!!!

It is like Acts 15: 10 (The Message Translation) 10-11 “So why are you now trying to out-god God, loading these new believers down with rules that crushed our ancestors and crushed us, too? Don’t we believe that we are saved because the Master Jesus amazingly and out of sheer generosity moved to save us just as he did those from beyond our nation? So what are we arguing about?”

The Social Entrepreneur Program has removed the yoke from our neck, the yoke that every other network marketing company has until they incorporate this way of doing business. Up until now, everything was all about the individual and their dream for themselves. It never encompassed anything bigger unless the individual did something themselves. Now it is all combined and truly has become a win/win/win.

We can choose to continue to do the old way of business or we can remove the yoke and do something new, something that others actually WANT to be a part of, something they can feel good about.

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan
Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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