Webinar MarketingWhat Every Leader And Upcoming Leader Needs To Know About Webinar Marketing…

If you are starting to use and get your team to use webinar marketing. I want to give you some suggestions, that you as a leader will need.

Before we go, if you have not read my previous posts on webinar marketing and understanding the psychology of your clients and webinar training you really should go back and quickly read them…

Webinars a very easy to get going and simple to run. The webianr providers will be able to help you with what to do, so don’t be shy in calling them and finding out.

If you are in my team or company I want you to take specific note about what I am saying below because it applies for you in a big way.

Again, it is up to you to take this info and apply it, just like it is up to you to believe me when I say webinar marketing has to become part of your network marketing strategy.

  1. You need to some how be being mentioned on those webinars. Not for your ego, but for your team. It allows your team to hear that you are recognised as a leader and actuallyachieving results.
  2. You are going to want to put your hand up and say “hey can I introduce the next speaker”, “Hey can I give my product or business testimony”. Again this allows you to have your profile built with your team and your prospects.
  3. As soon as possible you want to be the one presenting on the webinars.  Go all out and make a name for yourself by generating major results. You will soon be being asked to present. If you are a leader already and you are not being asked, then be a bigger leader and ASK!!! Let the person running the webinars know that you would like to be included on the roster. Most of the time they will be glad you threw your hat into the ring.
  4. Start developing a culture in your organisation that uses webinars. You do this by letting them know EVERYONE in our team is on this webinar. Send emails, talk about what was learnt and run competitions on who can get the most amount of people on the webinar.

Webinar Marketing and Network Marketing are becoming so integrated that I see in the near future for the people I am working with, that we will be running them every few hours…

They make this a true work from home business. Don’t fight them, find out how you can use them to grow and build.

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