Webinar MarketingMarketing Webinars Has To Become Part Of Your Network Marketing Business.

Make sure you read this entire post and watch the video as I am going to give you a script that is generating me major results and I know it will do the same for you…

Did you know you can use Webinar Marketing to generate leads, build your network marketing business and make money?

You can, it is one of the most powerful and yet simple tools in the modern network marketers arsenal.

For many years the network marketing industry has been telling a half truth, I was part of it and didn’t even realise.

We would sell the dream that this was a work from home business, however you needed to go out every night do presentations and attend training on the weekend.

So instead of spending more time with your family, you were actually spending less.

Marketing Webinars have changed all that, you can now truly build your business from home and only attend those special functions. (Imagine that, a true work from home business…)

To say that I am excited about the results I am seeing from marketing webinars, would be an understatement. I personally have seen my recruiting numbers go through the roof since inviting my own prospects onto the webinar with me.

To understand why Marketing Webinars to build your business works, we need to look at the psychology of the prospect when they are being invited and are actually on a webinar with you:

  1. Remember that most people don’t live in the marketers world of training and development. They have a 9 – 5 job and the most they ever do online would be to pay their bills, watch a video on youtube or spend an hour on Facebook.They may have heard of webinars, however they may not have ever been on one.
    The webinar becomes a whole new world of excitement, opportunity and a talking factor with their friends.
  2. Marketing Webinars allows you to truly build your business from home. Your prospect/potential client or business partner, is sitting behind their computer at the time as you, thinking to themselves, “Wow this is simple, I wonder how much “so and so” is making from doing this, anyone can do this, I bet I can do this…”.
  3. Being on the computer watching a “Live Webinar” becomes very important, they “feel important” because they have been invited to attend this important online presentation.
  4. The prospect can’t tell how many people are actually on the webinar, depending on how well the presenter presents, they could “feel” as though there are a thousand people on the webinar with them. Especially if the presenter says that there are a lot of people on the webinar as well.
  5. They get excited by the presentation because they “feel” as though they are a part of something big. They can see professionalism and again “feel” as though they don’t want to miss out on this.
  6. Marketing Webinars cater to most peoples lifestyle. Most people are living busy lives and don’t want to go again to a meeting. Webinars fit right into their ability to stay home and be “comfortable” (I talk about peoples addiction to their comfort zone in my bootcamp series. Make sure you watch it, it will be a real eye opener)

Webinar Marketing has become the most exciting, simple and profitable way of getting people in front of a presentation. If you are not using them, then all I can say is you are missing out, while other peoples businesses are growing and keeping up with the times, yours is going to be left behind…

My Script For Marketing Webinars: (I hope you like it and use it. I do all the time)

Here it is:

“Hi [name], you know how you were telling me before that you didn’t like your job and were wanting to make more money, I was just wondering, can you be in front of your computer tonight at 730pm?

They will say “yes what for?”

You respond, “there is a live presentation happening online with a thing called a “webinar”, a major entrepreneur/business man/6 figure income earner/friend is holding this free and I think it maybe a way for you to build a business in your part time, from home and make some extra money.

I can’t explain any more than that, can you be in front of your computer at 730pm, you can be in your PJs if you want, I thought it may just be a way for you to make more money, have your own business and be free of that job you don’t like.”

They say “sure”

you say, “great, I will send you a link, you need to register for it, don’t worry it is free, however if you don’t register you won’t be able to get on. You will receive a link to click on and can I recommend, because there will be people from all over the country on the webinar that you get on say 15 minutes early, so you don’t miss out.”

This last line “get on early so you don’t miss out…” is very important as it adds value and quite possibly a sense of loss if they don’t do it.

Make sure you watch this video below as well, I will take you through even more simple strategies you can use for marketing webinars:

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    2 replies to "Marketing Webinars And Your Network Marketing Business…"

    • Prue Gashumba

      doing business online and off line is an amazing transfornation of the way we work nowadays. I enjoy sitting in the comfort of my home and log on a computer and listen to a speaker on the webinar with out getting out in the cold. I like the fact that I can send the link to mynational and international friends so that they too can listen to the same presentation. I am excited at what is ahead.

    • James

      Exactly Prue. That is precisely what it is about

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