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Due to the large amount of interest in my previous post, I wanted to give you some more webinar training. That is to say, I wanted to train you on how to use webinars to build your network marketing or home based business.

As I have said before, network marketing is evolving and it is evolving fast, webinar marketing has become one of the best tools the modern networker could have in their arsenal of weapons of mass recruiting.

So lets go through some simple webinar training tips, on what you can do to ensure you achieve the highest results and generate the most amount of leads.

  1. You need to understand the psychology of your prospects and your team, which I talk about in my previous post on Marketing Webinars. However in this post I want to help you see a different side to your team, your team being the people who already gotten started with you in your network marketing business.Your team are looking for and expecting easier ways to build their business. Webinars offer part of that solution. If you are not offering this, you will find you will soon start to lose the respect of your team because they will find out that there is another solution.
  2. As with anything, you need to market/promote your webinars without apology. Many people feel as though they are not allowed to be bold with their marketing, let me tell you something, people follow people who are prepared to lead…SO LEAD!!!
  3. Be the one who is prepared to boldly get in front of people and tell them they need to be on this webinar…This goes for your team as well as your prospects. The way you do this is by using FORM. Continue to put in front of your client/associate “THEIR” needs, wants and desires. Help them to see that by being on this webinar they will able to find a way to have those needs,wants and desires.
  4. Have a landing page to send your prospects to, to register. We have these inside of Dual Networking 2.0 for you. When doing a Training Webinar or even a marketing webinar, you are wanting to control your own data base. The way you do this is by growing it. If you have access to a landing page specifically designed for marketing your webinars, then use it. This way you know that your prospect has registered and will have received the information about the webinar.
  5. Have a thankyou page with a little video from you, thanking them and tell them what to expect. You can easily do this on youtube and then embed it into the thankyou page. Don’t worry we will show you how to do this inside of Dual Networking 2.0

The next post will be more training on how you should be the one being spoken about, sharing your testimony or presenting on the webinars. This is incredibly important for you and your team…So stay tuned 🙂

I know some of these webinar training tips may seem a little difficult but don’t worry. We will be holding more training on these very soon.

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