How to avoid the MLM Scams

What is a MLM Scam and what isn’t?

With new companies started up nearly every single day, a big question that is being asked is how do you avoid the MLM Scams?

It is understandable the concern that many people have towards scams today. I was watching the news recently and we were being warned about nigerians trying to take our bank account details, gangs stealing our identities and people filming you when you take your money out of the ATM.

Unfortunately the world has become a place where trust is hard to develop.

So let’s look at how you avoid the MLM Scam path:

1.    The first thing I want to say is don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There are many good and some great MLM companies out there. I happen to have found what I classify as the best. (yes I am prejudice :)) just because some person failed doesn’t mean you will. Especially with the right training, support and drive.

2.    Understand if you are going to get started with a new company, one that has not been around for more than 5 years, you are taking a risk. Yes, you can make good money with a start up, however most fail and they don’t have a system in place for you to follow.

3.    Do your research into the company and the associates. Do they have a good track record, are their associates getting paid, is their payment plan profitable?

4.    Is their product any good? Does it work? What does the research say about it?

5.    Is the company transparent.

Watch this short video I made to help you even more.

Yes there are MLM Scams out there. They are generally started by people who are only interested in seeing how much money they can make in the shortest period of time. You will know these by their products, service and investment within their company and field.

Getting started in the MLM Business Model has been the best decision I have ever made. Don’t be put off, just understand that anyone can make it, if they are prepared to learn a new skill, put that skill into action and have the drive to see it threw.

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