Brian KlemmerWhat Holds You Back From Working From Home: Intent + Mechanism = Result – I learnt this from Brian Klemmer.

If we were to sit down and go through all of the benefits of working from home it would take you a week to read them all.

We all know them, believe them and dream about them, but the problem is, not everyone goes after them and the big question is WHY?

People start the journey of looking, they may even get started in something but for some unknown reason they allow themselves to become distracted or disillusioned, and the next thing you hear is they have given up, some even before they have started, just because it sounded too hard or they had some opposition.

Listen, nothing great was ever accomplished without opposition, so expect some and just get on with the job. I attended a program called Sam Camp with Brian Klemmer and to say that I learnt this would be an understatement. I realised that I could accomplish anything and the thing is I also learnt YOU can accomplish if you are prepared to cast off restraint and DO SOMETHING…

Don’t use it as an excuse to not move forward.

In this short post I want to show you HOW you are going to avoid this trap.

You see it is in my opinion too many people have fallen prey to this dark force. A force that steals dreams and destroys hopes.

What is this force?

Simple…it is our excuses!

They are a by-product of an addiction we all have, an addiction that I speak about in my bootcamp series and more in detail inside my book.

Let’s just say that when you put these two things together it is going to be a battle to see who wins.

So how do you win this battle and become successful in your work from home venture?

Well it is not as hard as you may think.

It all comes down to one major component in your life. Your DESIRE. How much you truly want the thing you are going after.

You see your addiction and your excuses will stop you from going after anything and everything. The only things it won’t stop you from achieving are the things you already perceive as easy and the things you have decided you can not live without.

So here is a key for you.

Start writing down the things you can’t live without. The dreams you have in your life that when you achieve them you will be able to look back and say: “I did that!” and you will feel good about it.

Then take those dreams and start thinking and dreaming about them.

Too many people focus on the obstacles, they will always be there, so why focus on them? Focus on what you truly want, because I guarantee you this, you WILL get what you want. Unfortunately most people don’t realise that  what they are getting is truly what they really want ie. INTENT…

So do what my good friend, Brian Klemmer taught me: Understand that it is your “Intent” that drives you. Get to know what it is and if it is not what you want, then change it. Brian Klemmer believes and the more I apply his teaching, the more I believe him, that is actually INTENT = RESULT, mechanism means almost nothing because if you truly want something you will do WHATEVER you have to and mechanisms will appear everywhere.

Too many people put things off they don’t need to. Instead of doing what Brian Klemmer has taught me to do “Go after whatever it is you truly want with a fearsome intensity” and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

I would love to hear your thoughts but also results in your life that you have seen by going after your dreams with everything inside of you…Leave your comments below

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    • Paulina Garces

      I agree 100% with Brain Klemmer and your comments James.

    • James

      He makes a good point doesn’t he

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