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Network Marketing Recruiting is a science, however it is not a science that you need an einstein IQ or attend a 4 year university degree to have success and start making money. Network Marketing Recruiting is also a lot of fun and today I hope to shed a little light on hot to increase your results and even help you get started immediately. You see I believe that if you take the training I am about to give you, you will know enough, if practiced and then applied to actually double, triple or even quadriple your results within 24 hours. 

Network Marketing Recruiting Key 1: Understand yourself first.

The first part of the process is to understand yourself and how much of a role your non verbal vocabulary is playing in the success of your network marketing recruiting. When I say “non verbal” I am talking about your facial expressions, your tone ad your body language and while I do believe the way you dress is important, because first impressions count, in my personal opinion, they are not as important as everything else. I have personally helped many people  get started in network marketing at our top package and it is over $1000 and I was wearing boadshorts, singlet and flip flops (we call them thongs in Australia, but I am aware that in some countries, you would think I was talking about another piece of clothing lol).

Network Marketing Recruiting
This is Naomi Enevoldson, one of our leaders receiving her award for being the top network marketing recruiter for our company for Australasia.

I know you are hoping that there would be some kind of easy hidden secret that you could learn to getting real success that wouldn’t require a lot of work. For some of you, what I am about to tell you will be easy but for others, you will find it dry difficult. Remember, the way you feel about what you need to do to improve is not important, you can change your feelings around it by changing your thoughts.

So am I about to tell you to do I can hear your asking. Simple, I want you to write out the script you use and then I want you to record yourself prospecting or network marketing recruiting. Of course, you can practice recruiting on your kids teddy bears or even the pillows on your lounge if you like. The important thing is that you practice and that you record your work.

Once you have recorded yourself your nextstep is the scariest, I want you to watch the recording. I want you to look at your facial expressions and listen to your tone and the words you use. Check out your body language, do you look confident, do you have a smile and is your tone trustworthy or do you sound like a sales person?

I know you maybe thinking, James this is crazy, I don’t have time to be recording myself, can’t you just give me the script and let me get out there and use it?” my answer is yes I can, however, it won’t have the same impact if you dont spend the time fixing all of the other communication you are using. Remember that “non verbal communication” plays more of a role in network marketing recruiting than actual verbal communication.

Next, once you have watched yourself using your network marketing recruiting scripts, ask yourself, “would I join this person?”, Would I trust this person?” If your answer is yes, then WELL DONE if your answer is no, then you already know where you have to start.

Network Marketing Recruiting Key 2: Personal Belief.

There is an almost magical thing that happens with a network marketer when they truly believe in themselves and also the thing they are promoting. If you are not 100% sold on what you are doing, your results will show. You won’t need to say much, people just won’t join. They will see it or hear it from what you are saying and doing. When we first got started in Network Marketing, it wasn’t until I took it from it being my Plan B to making it my Plan A that I saw the change in my results. The first person to see the difference was my wife. She saw that I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to make this work, because she saw that commitment, she was prepared to support me even more in the effort that was going to be needed to succeed. It has paid off, I am writing this article as we fly over the ocean to Tahiti to spend a week in a over the water bungalow. Talk about amazing.

Do whatever it takes to build your belief in yourself and your future. Read the books, listen to the company success CDs of people who have already made it, Allow your dreams to grow and your vision to drive you.

Network Marketing Recruiting Key 3: What do you believe in more “products or business”

Now this will be an interesting point for many of you. After being a major income earner in the Network Marketing Industry since the 2001, I have found two lots of people, the ones who believe n the products more than the business and then the ones who believe in the business and are more passionate about the opportunity. This second group of people believe in the products as well, but they have caught the dream of what the network marketing business can bring. So the question is, which group do you fit into. If I was to sit down with you, it wouldn’t take me very long to work it out. I would just have to ask one very simple question: “Who do you sign up the most, product users or business partners?” I have found that a majority of people fit into the product category, they find it easy to talk about the products and not as easy to be excited about the business. They maybe making $1,000 – $2,000 per month from their network marketing business, but still have troubles believing that the business works. For some reason, they feel that they are special and that no one else would want to do what they do or be prepared to put n the work, that they put in. Let me tell you, they will!

When network marketers who focus on the product start to understand that others could do what they do, I have seen lights turn on big time. The thing to remember is that this is a business of duplication, so if you help a group of people make an extra $1,000 – $2,000 per month, then you are on your way to earning $8,000 – $10,000 per month, and then it gets really exciting. (as I am writing this article on Network Marketing Recruiting) and telling you about the simple realisation that others will want to do the work, if you show them what to do, I am getting even more excited. It is such a wonderful business).

Network Marketing Recruiting Key 4: What Script are you using?

Yes to have success with your network marketing recruiting your script is important. Words do matter, they are important. So making sure you have the right words, delivered in the right way, is going to make a big difference. I won’t give you a network marketing script today, I will actually just point you in the direction of speaking to your uplne. I do have a whole network marketing script book that I will release shortly, I know you will love it. So keep an eye out. Just remember that your words have the power to attract people to  you and also to repel them away.  You get to make the decision on what you will do, it will be determined by how well you do the first 3 keys in this article.

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