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Did you know that Spies use these same MLM Recruiting tips that you and I should use?

Think about it for a moment. From what I understand about spies (not that I know many, I have actually met one). They are all about gathering information. The better ones gather the information without the other person knowing they are doing it.

So today I am going to help you with a few MLM Recruiting tips and some of them will even be ones that even James Bond would like to use :).

MLM Recruiting does not have to be that hard. It certainly doesn’t have to make you nervous or feel like it is all too hard.

Let me give you some quick little pointers that I have learnt that have allowed me to recruit hundreds of people using both offline and online strategies. These tips I would call “Undercover Tactics” that will have your prospects giving you all the information you need to know without them even knowing it.

First let me help you with YOU!

These first MLM Recruiting tips are for the Spy in Training. So lets get learning and follow these simple points:

  • Treat your business like an apprenticeship. It takes you 4 years to earn your trade to where you can actually generate a good income. (not a great income but a good one). Why would you expect it to be any different for your own business?
  • Don’t compare yourself to the superstars you see walk across the stage. Every person enters this business with different skills and authority. Some of those people enter with huge lists of people just waiting for them to call. This happens because those people are already seen as an expert or guru. So their list are prepared to follow. Then there are others who just get lucky…(there is not much you can say about them lol)
  • Ask yourself are you prepared to learn a new skill and give yourself time? Because you are going to have to give yourself both.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes. The thing is, mistakes make you better if you allow yourself to learn from them, just make sure you don’t wallow in them. Remember, the key is learning from them and building your skill level. Get the training you need.
  • MLM Recruiting can be made a whole lot easier if you are using some kind of system that generates leads and also qualifies your prospects.

Spy Stuff:

  • FORM is going to become your best friend. Learning how to ask questions using this acronym will dramatically improve your results. F: Family, O: Occupation, R: Recreation, M: Message. Think of questions you ask around each of the areas. This opens up your prospect and gives you valuable information about them. This truly is the covert stuff that every MLM Professional should know.
  • SIGN is where you the spy gets to find out your prospects S: Strenghts, I: Interests, G: Goals & N: Needs
  • You these use these to qualify the prospect and help them on the journey of getting started in business with you.

You will become better at MLM Recruiting the more time you spend doing it. Just like a Spy becomes better and more covert the longer they are in the field 🙂

Don’t be to hard on yourself or expect too much too soon. This is what we call “Unrealistic Expectations”. They don’t serve you or your team.

Make sure you claim your FREE video bootcamp while you are here as I will be launching “Systematized Recruiting” very soon. It will show you how to systematically recruit as many people as you would like and how to actually use a system to do it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on recruiting, so why don’t you leave them below.

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