Network Marketing ProspectingWhat do stay at home moms do better with network marketing prospecting than sales professionals

Learn my 7 irrefutable truths for Network marketing prospecting that a stay at home mum knows but most sales professionals don’t. They will take you from amateur to professional in record time.

I have seen many times the professional sales person get started in this industry thinking they are God’s gift, only to quit with in a matter of months because they just didn’t get it…

They came in with all their ego and bluster thinking they knew everything, then they find out they don’t and that there is a better way to building a business and growing a client base.

In this short post you will learn why the stay at home mum succeeds while the sales professional fails unless they make some major changes.

First let’s look at why the sales person fails in network marketing prospecting:

1.    In the traditional sales model it is all about get in and get out. Even though they hear relationships are the key, only the true elite understand and practice it.
2.    To build a network marketing business takes time, time that is not only invested into yourself but time that gets invested into your team and their development.
3.    Most sales people are a drive/promoter personality and need to move onto the next thing.
4.    They need to be the best and if they can’t be the best they move onto something else.
5.    The client or business partner can see the dollar signs in the eyes of the sales person.

So why does the stay at home mum succeed in network marketing prospecting:

1.    The mum understands that relationships are important.
2.    They understand that they need to nurture.
3.    They know nothing happens over night and they need to manage their time and expectations.
4.    Again they know they need to put time into relationships. (it is so important I needed to say it twice)
5.    They know they don’t know it all.
6.    They are prepared to learn and stay teachable.
7.    They hold their reason for building their business in their arms every day. They have a major reason to keep going.

So learn from the stay at home mum. I would much rather have a stay at home mum with a major dream to work with, than a professional sales person.

Does this mean that sales people can not be successful in this industry and learn how network marketing prospecting can be done?

No not at all. I WAS ONE. I was a professional sales person for over 10 years, always in the top of the company. I tried to bring what I knew over to this industry and failed for 3 1/2 years. It wasn’t until I learnt these major points did things change.

I put a lot of what I learnt in the video bootcamp on this page. Make sure you grab it while you are here.

Let me know your thoughts below on what you think  separates the sales person and the professional network marketer in prospecting.

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