Network Marketing Recruiting Locally.

When you start your network marketing recruiting, take my advice and start building a local team.

There is something that your local team gives you that is beautiful. You develop deeper relationships but at the same time greater influence.

Let’s go deeper into Network Marketing Recruiting:

Unfortunately many people start to prospect people outside of their local area and then ask themselves the question once those people come on board “What do I do now?”. This is where the problems start. No matter what anyone tells you, once you have a team growing, you are going to want to give them support and there is no greater support you can give them then catching up and giving them the training they need. The problem this brings is that if your team is a long way away, it can be very costly to help them.

I know some of you are thinking, what about Skype and technology etc, YES they help, but ask yourself this question, would that be enough for you, would you be ok having someone as your mentor that you never see? Network Marketing Recruiting is a relationship business. You need to build it locally!

I know, that for me, when I have a team growing a local market and they have team members that can get together and do a meeting, I will get on a plane and go see them. sometimes this can cost well over $1,000 so you want to make sure that the team is growing and your investment is worth it.

I am so proud of my team, the ones I get to see, and the ones I don’t. We have a system they use to help them grow and develop their businesses. They are making money, changing lives and saving children (that last bit is for another time).

They understand the importance of having a team in their local area, they also know the importance of learning how to speak to people so that they are not putting those people off. This is a skill that anyone can learn.

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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