Has Your Network Marketing Business Slowed Down?

I can guarantee you are going to go through a “slow time”, a time when your network marketing business slows down or stops altogether. When this happens, it is not the time to curl up in the foetal position in the corner of your office and put your thumb in your mouth. (although I have done this) It is also not the time to go and find something else to do…it is the time to knuckle down and go harder than you went before. Your network marketing business won’t grow it self now will it.

Remember your network marketing business team follows the speed of the leader, so set the pace, in the times when things slow, we need to rise up and go harder. There is generally something that we have done that has brought on the slow down and it is normally because we have said: “I’m going on holidays”, “I’m tired”, “I am angry” etc etc etc if you have said these things to your team, guess what they are going to think? They will think the same things… have you heard the saying “monkey see, monkey do”? This is why we NEVER send negative downline. This is the number network marketing business rule…If you have an issue with someone, DON’T TELL YOUR TEAM, if you are struggling with something keep it to yourself. Go to your upline and get it sorted or just have a vent (meaning let off some steam).

So here is what you do to get you and your team moving again, they are my 7 simple, and some are even easy steps for building your Network Marketing business and creating that sort after word “momentum”:

  1. Recommit to your business – If you want your network marketing business to pay you a large 6 figure income, or anything over 1 or $2,000 per month, than your network marketing business needs to be your Plan A not Plan B. When you treat it this way, the results are totally different and your team will see that you treat it this way and will treat it the same. However when you treat it as though it is a hobby or that you want to do other things, you can not expect to attract leaders or keep the ones you have. No one is going to put their dreams in your hands if you are not committed to helping them achieve them and add to this HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Reconnect with your dreams – I can almost guarantee that when you get to this situation, your dreams have been shaken and your confidence in achieving those dreams has almost totally gone. Take a moment to write down your dreams again and start to allow yourself having the things you want. Remember that your dreams need to be tangible to you, do whatever you have to do to see yourself having those dreams. If you can’t dream, how can you expect your team to dream! Do your dream board again (this is a must for every network marketing business, dream boards wake up your faith), go and look at the thing you want… just dream and be inspired and excited by them and add to this HAVE FUN!!!
  3. Start Personal Recruiting again – Remember that your team will do what you do, if you want them to be recruiting, then you need to recruit. Even
    network marketing business
    After one of our leadership events in Singapore. Getting momentum happening

    though I have been incredibly busy with team development, I want things to move even faster and I know the fastest way to make this happen is for me to RECRUIT! There are simple scripts and strategies you can use to make this happen. Personal recruiting also removes fear and brings the excitement back into the business. There is nothing like it when you are on a “recruiting rampage”. If you need help learning how to recruit there are plenty of network marketing recruiting posts on this blog or you can leave a message, we can help you and add to this HAVE FUN!!!

  4. Build in depth under a certain team – Now this depends on your network marketing business structure, however if your structure allows you to build in depth, then DO IT. Start choosing the people you are going to work with and the teams you will develop under and watch what happens when you do. When you start adding people in depth in your business, this gives you a powerful thing called “leverage”. You are able to start driving your team a little harder and push them a little more and add to this HAVE FUN!!!
  5. Talk to your team and see who is ready to rock and roll – Find out in your team if you are going to have any running partners. Find “leaders” and get them to recommit as well and focus on their next goal. Having someone or more than one to run with adds excitement and also motivation. You feel like you are not alone. Find those ones that want to be at the next leadership level. I like to work with people that are just starting out and are hungry. The ones that will do what it takes to get the job done and not allow fear and circumstances hold them back. It is easier to help people move to the next level when they are at low volume, and the more people you help that are just starting, the more stable your network marketing business becomes. Our first leadership level is called a Regional Director, and we use the whole “building in depth” philosophy to move those people to Regional very quickly.
  6. Reconnect them with their dream – before you start an action plan with your team, you have to get them to do what you just did, get them to connect with their dreams. Help them write their dreams down and become active. Ask questions like: What would you do with an extra $1000 per month after all the bills have been paid? Then when they start dreaming, ask them, what will it feel like when you can do that? If they want to go on a holiday. ask them where would they go, and start asking questions like :What will the water feel like if they want to go to a tropical island or something. You want them to take themselves to their dream in their mind. When they do this, you will see a transformation right before your eyes.
  7. Set appointments with them for meetings – Don’t make the mistake that most amateurs make in their network marketing business. They say to their team “If you have someone to speak to, let me know and I will help you.” They will NEVER CALL YOU lol. Instead after you have given them their basic getting started training, set the appointments with them. Give them 2 times that they need to either get people in front of you, a 3 way call or an in home meeting and then follow up daily with them to keep them connected and encouraged. The other thing that most networkers make the mistake on, is they keep having the meeting at their place, instead of getting it into their teams homes. While it is in your place, people won’t have to push themselves to fill their home, because they can rely on you to do it. Instead, get them to fill their home, and then, once you have done a couple of meetings in their home, go to the next persons home that signed up from those meetings… remember: “The purpose of a meeting is to set the next meeting”.

There is a lot of information in this post, it is powerful stuff, make sure you read it through and then put it into action.

Did this help you, I sure hope so, if it didn’t, well let’s make sure we fix that next time and give you even better information. I will need your comments though, they help me to know what you are looking for! Feel free to share this and like it…

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