The MLM Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth!

Being involved in the MLM industry, now since 2000 (all with the same company) I believe has given me a foundation to be able to speak on “The MLM Truth”. I have seen the good the bad and the downright ugly, but I am still here and loving every moment of it.

With the global economy the way it is and more people than ever before looking for a solution to their financial situation, The mlm truth is that the Direct Selling Industry are seeing a surge of people coming on board to build businesses. MLM companies are having to make the move away from being “Product Based Businesses” to “Opportunity Based Businesses with Amazing Products”. This is a massive change for most companies as their people led with the product. Now due to the needs of the population we are seeing a change in the way the companies represent themselves and the leaders promote their business. (an update as of now “2015” MLM Reps have gone back to promoting their products but using their products as a way to validate their businesses, which in my opinion in the smart way to do it. The MLM Truth is that people feel much better about promoting a business if they believe in the products, especially since you want your friends and family to purchase from you)

In this article we are not only going to look at the MLM Truth but also the truth about some MLM companies and their leaders.

You see many people get caught up in the hype that is propagated on the internet but when the test of time comes and the hype is taken away, the real question has to be asked. What is the underlying reason this company and these leaders will be around for the long run. I have seen so many MLM Companies that explode onto the market, are here for a couple of years and then gone. So many of the leaders and their teams are left holding broken dreams with no where to go and wondering if they can start again.

Systems are being promoted that are short lived and have no long term place in the market. Costing many associates thousands of dollars and not making them a cent although the world was offered. Systems like “Magnetic Sponsoring” and Anne Siegs Renegade Network Marketer have come and gone. Even though I purchased nearly all of Mike Dillards stuff and learnt a heap from it, it truly is not the basis of building a network marketing business. The MLM Truth is that it will always be a belly to belly and face to face business.

Our Research on the MLM Truth:
Our research shows an amazing trend happening in the market place right now. More and more people leaving corporate lives to get started in this industry. However there are mixed messages being promoted that cause confusion. They know that the internet can be used, but the big question is HOW can it be used in a duplicatable way. Remember the mlm truth is, we do what duplicates, not what works.

These are the questions that are going through the minds of potential business partners. The people looking for a solution and truly searching for the right MLM business for them.

1. Can you really make money with MLM?
OK let’s look at this question. Can you really make money. More millionaires are made in this industry than in any other. You get some of the best training in the world for minimal cost.
You have systems that you can follow.
The products are generally exceptional that offer a unique place within the market.

2. Which MLM company should I join?
There are many to choose from. I found one that I love. It pays me very well and not only me but the leaders we have developed. Look at their structure, comp plan, team, products and systems.

3. How can I tell a good one from a bad one?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do your research.

4. What should I be looking for?
The team you join is more cases than most will be more important than the company you promote. The reason for this is the training and support you receive. Remember the company is about fullfillment. The team is about support and personal growth.

5. Is the MLM industry for me?
You will be the one to make that decision. I believe it is for everyone and every personality type.

6. Am I with the right company?
Again you will no in your heart. Like I said before the question is generally not about the company but about the team.

7. Am I with the right MLM team?
Do the have support, are they training you, is their system easy to use and understand?

8. Can I use the internet?
Very important question to be asking right now. I believe it will become essential in the future for you to be able to use technology to build your business.

9. Are offline strategies really dead?
No they are not. We developed a system called Dual Networking. Designed to show people how to use both offline and online strategies together and develop uncommon success. When you hear people saying that offline is dead. Run a million miles because they don’t know what they are talking about and will only be able to train and support you in one area of this business. This will NOT be enough.

All of these question are justified. There are many people who use their failures as an excuse for you and others not to succeed. They write negative articles, post Blogs and tell all their friends how bad MLM really is without any real footing to stand on except prejudice.

So lets look at some facts:

  • More Millionaires have been produced in Network Marketing than in any other industry.
  • Over the next 10 years we can expect to see the number of successful people in this industry reaching all time highs as the population find their answers in this MLM industry.
  • The best products in the world will be found in MLM companies.
  • It is the ONLY true win/win business in the world today.
  • People like Robert Kyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer, John Maxwell, Bill Clinton & Donald Trump all endorse this industry.

The list goes on.

The MLM Truth needs to be found in your own heart. Ask yourself if the industry was so bad why have so many people succeeded and more continue to be added to the ranks of success each and every day? The truth around MLM is the only people that can ever complain about it are the ones that have not done their own due diligence or been able to follow the systems for success. They have generally given up because they didn’t like the change they needed to make inside themselves and so wanted to blame everyone else.

Most companies and/or organizations have a blueprint that you can follow. Just like franchises have a manual and a system that is laid down for you, so do most MLM companies and organization (we most certainly do).

Make sure you look for the system when you get started in your MLM venture.

You can succeed in MLM. Just follow the systems and get the training. This business is fun, exciting and challenging however the rewards are worth it.

So the truth of MLM is that it is an amazing opportunity for you to grow, build and help others. Your life will be the better for what you learn and what you can achieve. Just go in with your eyes open and be prepared to work.

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