Are Your Hotel Meetings or Open Meetings Doomed.

On this site, I am 100% committed to giving you specific training related to the network marketing industry, sometimes it will be controversial and seem like it is the total opposite of what others are teaching. The reason for this is because I am not interested in selling you some affiliate product, all I want to do is give you the truth and show you what works, and the hotel meeting WORKS…but only if you are doing what I am about to outline below.

The Hotel Meeting is a barometer of what is happening in your business.

I have seen many times people wanting to put on hotel meetings but they don’t have the “home meetings” going to support it.

Your hotel meetings will ONLY be successful if you have a large successful in home meeting program happening at the same time. It is when people are filling their houses that you can put on a successful hotel meeting, otherwise when your team and prospects (if they actually bring any) turn up, it is like going to a funeral rather than a powerful and exciting opportunity presentation.

So my advise is this, DO NOT put on a hotel meeting until your webinar meetings and home meetings are a hive of activity, and the frequency you put your hotel meetings on will be governed by how much momentum is being created.

But don’t do what many people do, they stop the push on the home meeting and push harder on the hotel meeting. It is the home meeting that is more important and will drive bigger results…

I will show you what I mean over the next few days as we go a little deeper into the meeting plan.

Watch the video below on my thoughts around the hotel meeting and what role it plays in your business…










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