How To Make a Success With Home Meetings!

There is power in following a simple network marketing system. A System that incorporates the Home Meeting Plan and shows you how to do it correctly and have success with home meetings.

Let’s go through the different aspects of home meetings.

  • Introduction.
  • Presentation.
  • Close.
  • Getting them started.

The Introduction with home meeting:
Remember the most important thing with not just home meetings but with everything you do:

“people don’t remember WHAT you said, they remember HOW you made them feel!”

So the most important thing you can do with your home meetings is to make sure the people who attend feel, welcome, excited and empowered to achieve their dreams.

You make them feel welcome by smiling at them and talking to them. Focus on them and what is happening in their life.
You make them feel excited by helping them see that the presentation they are watching can help meet a need in their life.
You make them feel empowered by showing them there is a system, training and support to help them get to their dreams.

Have music playing, not too loud and make it exciting. This is a key to keeping the energy high in your home meetings!

Your introduction needs to be honouring to them and the person that is speaking. Make sure you have taken the time to KNOW what you are going to say about the speaker. Remember that 80% of the close is done BEFORE the presentation, and part of that close is making the prospects feel as though the person they are about to listen to is worth listening to…It is called honouring one another. This should be done in all home meetings and meetings in general.

The Presentation:
Use the same presentation that is in your system. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If there has been a presentation developed, then use it. Let people see that they just have to follow the system and the system makes it easier for them.

Too many people get started in Network Marketing and change the system. This is a trap that only leads to failure and frustration.

With your presentation, make sure you have practiced it, looked at yourself in the mirror and if possible recorded yourself. This way you know what you are saying and the presentation will run smoother. It does not have to run perfect, in fact it is good if you fumble a few times, it makes the guests feel as though “They can do it”.

The Close:
You have to know the close. If you have not practiced your close, then all your work up until this point is a waste of time. I love Dani Johnson’s script book for this. I have used her scripts to make tens of thousands of dollars.

Closing a group of people is slightly different to closing an individual.

When closing a group, make sure you focus on the ones that are excited and have been nodding their head and been excited about the presentation. Don’t try to close the people who are negative as you will miss the opportunity with the ones that are ready now.

Watch the video to get a very simple yet powerful Closing Script I Use ALL the time…

This is where the fun starts, remember the money is in the follow-up. Sure you may make a small amount of money from getting someone started, but you make a whole heap more when you get them to go to work.

Make sure you have a simple and duplicatable system to follow. A system that has a “getting started” program. The system I have developed has both an advanced and a fast start. Both are generating results.

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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