Do you have a dreamboard or do you even know what one is?

How to make a dreamboardIn my time with our network marketing company, I have built many dreamboards, I have done these not out of any real sense that they would do anything for me, but out of a sense of “I really should”.

The amazing thing is, even though I never put much weight into them doing anything, when I look at my old dreamboards, I see so many of my dreams that I placed have become true and I have to wonder if I had not of build my dreamboard, would they have happened?

I want to tell you something that happened for me this past weekend.

Over the last few years I have doing a LOT of personal development. My wife and I would have spent close to $50,000 just on personal development programs and the costs of getting to them. In that time I have learnt so much about myself and how in the past I have sabotaged my own success.

But this last weekend, something that I have been thinking about for a long time, actually got confirmed.

We truly get our hearts desire…

The problem is, what is your heart’s desire? Ask yourself, what do you meditate on day and night?

Do you meditate on how bad things are and what bad things are going to happen or do you meditate on the good things in life and what good things could happen? Because whatever it is you meditate on IS your hearts desire…SO BE CAREFUL because that IS what you will get!

Dreamboards help you to step out of negative thinking and start to move into the world of dreams and what could happen in a good way.

Let’s go a little deeper about what we think on.

When I say we get out hearts desire, I mean we truly get our hearts desire.

The bible even says: “I (talking about God) will give you your hearts desire”. You see your desire and your heart is a very powerful thing, so what is in your heart?

We had a pastor this weekend come to our church and preached on “surviving is not enough”, his message was powerful and it really resonated with me as it is the same stuff I have been speaking on for years.

But even though it is part of what I am saying, I realised that I was staying in my place of comfortable and not moving forward. I also realised that my dreamboard had been packed away and put up on top of the cupboard. (I pulled it back down this morning and put it back in a place of prominence behind my computer on the wall so I can see it all the time).

My thoughts had become lazy, they weren’t the thoughts that take you to a place of victory, they were thoughts that keep me where I am, which is not where I want to be. (I can see some of you now thinking, I would love to have what you have James, and you are correct, we are blessed, but I believe we are here to have and do a whole lot more than what we currently do.)

So I looked at my hearts desires and asked myself the hard question…

“If God were to give me what is in my heart today, would I want it and what is it that I was meditating on?”

I was shocked to see how much negative and self doubt was there, and I would consider myself a very positive person. I decided that I would get control again of my hearts desires and start to dream again and this is the power of the dreamboard.

Below you will see a very rough video I did, years ago on building a dream board. It is one of my old ones, but it will give you the basics.

Sit down this week and make sure you spend the time you need to dream again. Sometime powerful happens when you do:










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