Network marketing leadershipOK it is time for me to ask you some pretty serious questions, questions that will require you to do some real soul searching and for you to be totally honest with yourself.

The answers to these questions may cause you to make some major changes in your life that some people will not like.

Have you ever heard the story about “Crabs in a bucket”?

You see the story goes something like this:

If you have a bucket full of crabs and then one crab decides it wants to get out, it will start climbing over whatever is in it’s way to start the journey of getting out of the bucket. But what happens when the other crabs (let’s call these it’s friends) start to see that the crab is trying to get out, the other crabs will reach up with their nippers and drag the crab back down and not allow it to leave…

This actually happens in life with us humans as well and I dare say it is happening with you.

Sure you may not have people (friends, family and loved ones) literally grabbing you by the leg and stopping you from getting out of the bucket (circumstance you are in), but I can guarantee you have people who:

* Don’t believe in what you are doing…
* Say they support you but don’t give you any real action behind that support…
* They may even be saying that you could never succeed in that…
* Or that is a scam

I am sure you know exactly what I talking about.

So what do you do?

Well this is where I want to help you. The people you hang around will have a huge influence on your results and your future. They say that “your income is the average of your 10 closest friends and peers.” So ask yourself, who are they and are you happy with that average?

This is where you have to make some pretty tough decisions. Do you want to be hanging around the crabs that want to continually pull you back into the bucket, or do you want freedom?

Now I know that making new friends is not always easy and it is not always possible to get clear of old relationships, so let me tell you what to do…

Start ADDING new people into the mix of people you hang with. If you are in a home based business or network marketing company, start hanging around the people that are already more successful than you and allow what they have to rub off on you.

This is one of the reasons why attending the meetings and events is so important. It is also a reason why being part of a positive powerful team where a network marketing system has been initiated will help you.

You see the more you introduce positive people into your life, the less the negative ones will want to hang around, OR they will change (Which is what we want to see happen anyway).

You get to be the light in their darkness…so to speak.

We have this saying in Australia and I am sure every country around the world has a saying that is similar…”You can’t sore with the eagles when you are playing around with the galas”

You see in Australia, Galas hang around on the ground a lot, picking up the crumbs and seeds. Even though in my opinion they are a beautiful bird, they are noisy and in some instances quite a pest. They don’t have the grandeur of an eagle or the presence.

So ask yourself, what are you going to do today…are you going to make a decision to bring some eagles into your life and allow them to help you raise up into the warm currents they sore on or are you going to continue to hang around on the ground with the eagles?









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