Avoid This Myth Around Generating Leads In Network Marketing

Generating leads in network marketing whenever you want or need is a skill that separates the professional network marketer to the amateur.

It is the holy grail of this industry, something everyone searches for but not everyone finds…

But there is good news.

No matter who you are, you can learn how to generate leads in network marketing, whenever you want. The thing you need to be prepared to do is learn a new skill and put time aside to become a master at it.

You will hear me say this many times,

“Nothing worthwhile ever comes without some trials. So be ready to make your brain expand and go through the growth we all go through as we develop life changing businesses.”

There is a misrepresentation of developing leads in network marketing, and it goes something like this:

“The only way you can develop leads in network marketing is to do it online.”

This could not be further from the truth.

We are training people to use the opportunities right in front of them to develop their leads and generate income. And for most people that is actually “offline”.

It all comes down to you developing the skills you need for either the offline market or the online market or my personal favourite…BOTH!

Some people may freak out with the thought of having to develop leads to talk to, but you need to understand, Network Marketing is a people business, so at some time you are going to have to talk to people, so why not learn the skills to do it professionally?

In our system Dual Networking, we train people on how to use both offline and online strategies to build their business. We go in depth on what to do and what not to do and cover every detail.

Below is a simple video for you to watch that will help you in your training. I have also put in a great script you can use for your offline strategies right now.

This script is one you can use anytime you are with people and you don’t have to set up some expensive advertising campaign that may or may not work. There is no risk for you and you could actually find that you help someone get started in business with you or become a client.




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