Network Marketing Holy GrailWhy you must be careful which Multi Level Marketing System you use!

A good multi level marketing system is like the “Holy Grail” of the MLM world.

Every leader worth their weight, will tell you that you need a system to follow for your team. You need a somewhere that they can go and learn and also send their teams to do the same.

The problem is, most of the old time leaders have their Multi Level Marketing Systems all locked up in their heads and they are still using out dated methods to get the message to their teams.

So what happens is the message becomes diluted and the teams become frustrated.

What is going on with Multi Level Marketing Systems?

The old style system was based around attending a weekly meeting, monthly training and quarterly event. You would also listen to tapes and read books etc.

The new style system is based around webinars, online marketing and becoming the guru.

Which one is correct?

This is where I am a  little controversial. I believe the correct place to be for a leader today is actually in the middle and use the best of both worlds.

There will always be people who find it too hard to do an online program and need the simplicity of the offline system. Then there are the new breed of marketers who find online strategies simple to implement.

Does this mean you have two camps in your system and team?

No. What it means is you need a system that can and does train how to do both. Allow people to develop their strengths and work within them.

A system goes wrong when it only trains on one way.

We have learnt that there IS a way to combine both offline and online systems using technology.

If you are looking for a Multi Level Marketing System, make sure it is one that will do both.

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