Have you ever been told that someone has been placed into your team by your upline or friend? I know it can be a weird statement that they make. Many times when I have told people this, the response is “Why did you do that?”

Network Marketing is really an interesting business, it isn’t normal, it goes against all traditional business models. The standard business model says “I have to do it all myself and I can’t allow anyone else to help me because if they do, they want something.” That’s just not true in network marketing, in network marketing we win when you win, and so when you are with an active team and an active upline, you receive the benefit of someone above you placing people in your team.

Does this mean that it is normal, well yes and no, yes if you are in an active upline, no if you don’t.

I didn’t have the privilege of having a heap of people placed in my team, I did have an active upline and he did something even better for me, he showed me how to build, how to inspire and how to lead. For that I will always be truly grateful.

But that is another post for another day. Today we are talking about what does it mean when someone says they just put someone in your team?

Well the best thing for you to do is watch the video in this article, it will explain it better than I can in this article, although I do want to say a couple of things.

First Network Marketing is what we like the call “The affordable franchise alternative”. You see when you are buying a franchise you will spend tens of thousands at the minimum and millions at the most to get started and that is before you even sell anything. In Network Marketing, you don’t have to spend anywhere near that. In most cases you can get started in business for yourself for under $1,000 or even hundreds of dollars. It allows anyone from the home mum/mom (for those of you in the USA) to the corporate executive to get started and truly make a life changing income.

In the Franchise model the Franchisor receives a percentage of income from all the sales from every franchisee. This can be more than 10% of sales, think about that. You spend all that money to get started and you still have to pay the head office 10% of everything you make before expenses. In Network Marketing you get to revenue share. It truly is a win/win.

Watch the video below to truly understand this incredible business model and what it means to you.

You will want to get back to the person who placed someone under you and say thank you. They could just have changed your life dramatically.

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