Network Marketing Tip, Don’t Hang Around…It’s About To Explode!

My biggest network marketing tip! I know this heading is quite dramatic, however, this is where a lot of networkers fall down when it comes to setting the invitation or giving some information over to a prospect.

Do you know what they do? They hang around waiting for questions…WHAT ARE YOU…CRAZY???

Here’s my network marketing tip for you. Once you give someone some information, or if you have invited them to a meeting and they have agreed to come (You would have learnt how to do this in our previous posts on how to prospect), then the next thing to do is to be SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

I know it is your nature to want to hang around and chat however, it is also human nature to ask questions about the thing you have invited your prospect to do and this is not what you want to be part of.

My network marketing tip for you is don’t fall into this one little trap, it will eat you alive and spit your bones out to the side walk.

I know I know, pretty graphic isn’t it, but it is true. That is how you will feel when your prospect starts asking you all these questions and you feel obliged to answer them.

Watch the video below to learn what to say and what not to say to get yourself out of there on to your next appointment…

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