The Secret Network Marketing Training Tip That You Don’t Want To Hear…

Dominant ThoughtsI am going to give you my biggest Network Marketing Training Tip I have. Something that is set to blow the top off your business if you are prepared to learn from it and put into action what you learn.

Many people, when they get started in this industry, and even the people/leaders that have been around for a long period of time, fall into this one major trap. It is a trap that keeps them broke or keeps them frustrated.

So what is my Network Marketing Training Tip?
It is working with the same people…that’s right you read it right. Instead of going out and helping other people get started in business and make money. They keep working with the same 2 or 3 legs and talking about the potential of the people in those legs, rather then going out and starting new ones.

Yes you should spend time with your new leaders to help them get started and develop. However, don’t you think that staying with them for 2 to 3 years is enough?

What happens becaue you the leader has stopped prospecting yourself to “Help your new people” you lose the edge that is required to build the business. Instead of having that spark in your eye, and the fire in your belly, it has been replaced with fear.

Come on, join me and my team in making a decision to step up and step out.

The biggest and best thing you can do for your family and your business is to start recruiting new people.

What happens when you recruit?
It brings energy to the rest of your team. It gets rid of their excuses and makes them move forward. They make see that you are not longer going to wait for them, that they either get on board and enjoy the ride of be left standing on the platform looking at all the other people whe decided to join you.

So take this network marketing tip today and put it into practice. Get get a new person started and stop being caught up in fear…in fact overcome your fear through action.









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