How Do You Promote Your Network Marketing Business?

how to promote your network marketing businessHave you ever heard the saying: “The purpose of a meeting is to promote the next meeting”? If not, well now you have.

The purpose of your meetings, whether they are webinars, hotel, one on one, 3 way calls etc etc etc is NOT to sign someone up or sell a product, it is to get the person you are speaking to INVOLVED in what you are doing.

Amway had this right, I have many amazing people who were in Amway and never made any money, however when they got started with us, they NAILED IT…their network marketing businesses took off and they made serious money.

And when I asked them why they were such recruiting machines, they just gave me the answer, “the purpose of a meeting is not to sign someone up, it is to promote the next meeting…”

They are brilliant at getting people involved and having a desire to turn up to the next meeting.

But there is a skill you need to develop for your network marketing business to grow…and that skill is PROMOTION!

If there is one thing I have noticed about the top people in our organisation and in fact in any organisation, they know how to promote. They know that to build the business and get people to actually show up, they need to make sure their people are excited about the next event and are working towards it.

So here are a few, and let me just say that again…a few things that I do to promote the next event.

  1. Make sure your team know about the event and why it is important to promote it and what it could mean to THEM…This is one place most network marketers fall down. They don’t get on the phone and let their team know what is happening and what it could mean to their team.
    They think that a simple email is enough, let me tell you…IT IS NOT. You need to be on the phone to your leaders.
  2. Get your team involved. Get them working towards the event by having goals in place and activities they need to have done so they feel as though they own the event as well. If it is you doing everything, then you will find less people turn up.
  3. Daily updates to your team. Let them know what others are doing.
  4. Run a little fun competition…where others are working of each other and the momentum they are creating.
  5. Have small events happening that build up to the big one. eg: when we have a major event coming, I will run small webinars or meetings to continue to generate excitement and bring on new associates so that those new associates are the ones bring new people as well.
  6. Keep your energy UP…don’t let your energy drop, don’t allow negative thoughts tell you it is a waste of time and you can’t do it or that you should be watching TV etc.
  7. Drink lots of water haha and take your supplements. When you are on the 6 figure run (I will explain that later), you will need to keep your health good.

So happy promoting and remember…“The Purpose Of A Meeting Is To Promote The Next Meeting”.









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