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You may or not may not know but one of the things I really enjoy is “Hapkido”. It is form of martial arts that combines the normal skills of punching and kicking plus introduces locks, breaks, throws & ground work. It is full workout while at the same time allows me to think I am a kid again who can do anything. (you and I both know this is not true but who wants to let life pass them by without experiencing as much of it as you can).

I have great instructors who not only teach combative skills but also life skills and today one of them said this one thing that really stuck with me.

He said there are 3 areas in training you are going to give up. When he said them, I realised they are the same areas in business and life and something that we all need to know.

When you realise these 3 areas you can know they are normal and natural and when they come you can battle through and start to live the victorious life we were created to live.

Remember quitters never win and winners never quit…

So let me take you through these 3 areas.

The first area, the area that I would say from my experience 90 – 95% of people throw in the towel.

It is at the beginning of your journey. Because what you are doing is all new, sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Things seem too hard and you second guess your decision. You start to ask yourself “What was I thinking, I must have been crazy. I can’t do this…”

The second area is about halfway through. I would say a further 6 – 8% of people throw in the towel here.
It is when you look back at how far you have come and still think you have a long way to go. When you look at it this way it can be quite depressing. It is at this time you need to speak to your support group. The people that you are working with that are encouraging and training you.

This is not the time to give up. This is the time to get some wise counsel and keep going. It is the time to double your intent and increase your skill.

I have seen many people get to this level and just stop. They don’t go any further. They don’t go back but they don’t go forward either and then after time they just don’t care anymore and then they just decide to throw it all in, unless something happens and they remember why it was they started.

The third place a person gives up is at the 99 yard mark. The finish line is right in front of them but it is still seems out of reach.  Other influences distract them and everything else becomes more important.

What can you do?
1. Stay connected to people who encourage and support you.
2. Keep your dream alive.
3. Make a decision that you WONT QUIT.
4. Stay accountable.
5. Just keep showing up.
6. Turn up even when you don’t feel like it, this will be the time you get the most.
7. Build up your “Personal Power Muscle”. I don’t really know what this is except that it is the muscle that won’t let you give up. I guess you could call it a survival attitude.

Remember, you will always be going through this cycle as it is part of life and you could almost say that each area has the 3 cycles.

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