How To Overcome Fear…

How to overcome fearThis has to be one of the biggest questions that people ask for their network marketing business, or should I say any business, and if people are not asking you this question than you don’t have a team or you are not listening.

Fear is one of those things that we all go through. It can paralyse some while it invigorates others, that’s right, some people love facing their fears… and that is what we are going to talk about today.

How you overcome your fear is not from any self help program or listening to some CD or go through some 7 step process. Nope, even though they will all help, the best way to overcome your fear is to “JUST DO IT”. That’s right, Nike got it right.

Think about it this way. Have you ever gone to a theme park, looked at that huge ride and thought to yourself, I could never do that, but then one of your children or even a friend starts saying “can we go, can we can we can we…”you know the conversation if you have children, if it is a friend, then the friend says “What are you chicken”.

And just like “back to the future” Michael J Fox says “no body calls me chicken” and the next minute you are on the ride having the time of your life and running to get in line to go again as soon as the ride is over.

It is the same thing when overcoming your fear with your network marketing business.

Get in the habit of just doing the thing that causes you the fear. So when something comes up that you don’t want to do. DONT THINK ABOUT IT…(that is the worst thing you could do) just do it.

Pick up the phone, call that person, send that CD, send that website link or talk to that person you meet down the street.

Set yourself a target. Get 3 “No’s per day” if you are talking to your warm market. If you are on facebook. Get 20….










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    2 replies to "The Best Way To Overcome Fear"

    • Alecia

      Yes, just face it and let it do it’s job!

    • James

      nicely said Alecia

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